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I have been experiencing things that others would call nonsense. I'm 13 years old and ever sense birth I've felt like I was... In a way different from normal girls. When I was 7 years old my sister and I witnessed a Spirit or ghost of some kind in our burnt down house up in Nevada, it didn't burn down until a year later though. The thing that scared me the most was when I asked my sister what it looked like to her and where she saw it, she said that she saw a black shady figure in the shadows of her room as she was about to go to sleep. But the thing is, is that what I saw wasn't a shady figure in the shadows it looked like a person but an almost translucent person, All I could make out at the time was that it was a female. Its been 5 years and I've already been suffering from depression for stupid reasons and I managed to forget about what happened but just recently in the last 4 months I saw her again,... She appeared in my life once again right when my pawpaw died. I thought at that point that I went insane my mother even made me go to a therapist and even psychiatrist. I see her in my house at certain time of the night, I have gotten to where I'm scared to get out of my room around 11pm-4am. I don't see her every day but once every so often. My sister already moved out so I can't ask her about it plus she might just think I'm crazy and push me even more out of her life. Am I crazy? Or am I actually seeing her? I know many people experience different experiences but is it possible that maybe everyone has a different way of seeing things?

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lauterb (110 posts)
7 years ago (2016-02-07)
Dear JessicaR1668
You are not crazy; you are just a medium with abilities that is starting to grow.
There are several types of mediuns go to The Book of Mediuns and also The Book of Spirits by Allan Kardec to get more answers about.
Good study!

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