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Life Loop And Becoming Socially Aware


I have always enjoyed smoking weed and it was fine all the time when once something psychedelic happened. I want you to know that I'm not a huge drug user. I smoked only weed and 2 times I took magic mushrooms but even then I never experienced something like this.

It all started once when I smoked weed and I was suddenly trapped in a loop. Like Groundhog Day. I was in a garage and there was loud music. And people repeated everything all the time at least I thought that they did. Then I was panicking because I know that people there wouldn't act like I saw they did. Then I started to scream and suddenly persons and things went in the real order. A guy who I thought stood next to me suddenly was in other place.

But it didn't end yet because in my head I heard 2 or 3 voices and they were playing a game with me. They talked about universe and all not usually things as I can remember and all the time when I thought that the thing voices are talking about is brilliant and worth to remember voices erase the memory of the thought. And I was talking to them and they laughed at me because I'm not strong enough to remember. And all this happened in my head.

That high was so long I wanted it to end so badly because I felt like I'm going mad. I went away from my friends shortly when I screamed there.

The next day I thought about this and decided that I need to get High more to analyse this but with no stress because I know what to except

Next time I get high I smoked a small amount of weed. And then happened what happens all the time now. I can't chill on weed. That's why I stopped smoking. I was with friends and they were talking regular staff. But I became so so socially aware. It's hard to explain but I knew why people talked like that, I knew if someone is putting "a mask " that it's not him truly. I knew what word from him is coming from which of his personality side. I'm really bad at describing it but it was all about the emotions I felt.

And I feel this every time I'm smoking weed. Also those 2-3 voices. All the time. They are arguing and every voice has his own personality. I'm very into astrology and I think those voices are mine aspects. As I have strong Aquarius, Capricorn and Libra sides. And I kind of think that I'm an Aquarius which is my sun sign and the other voices are Capri and Libra. And just sometimes there is that 3rd voice. It shows up very rarely. Mby cuz it's not that big part of me.

And all there voices are kind of conflicting because they are so different. And in the same being socially aware. It was so hard to handle. I felt like my mind going to explode.

Also now when I'm not smoking almost 3 months I feel like my intuition is becoming stronger but that's another story.

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texryan67 (1 stories) (39 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-07)
dude that was really a strange trip, indeed, I might have laughed my head off, back in the day when My friends and I hit some acid, but nothing that freaky. I choose to be high on life, take my bipolar medication regularly, drink coffee and tea, and dip smokeless tobacco. That's my last vice, too. 😉

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