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I truly do believe in spiritual gifts, they manifest according to our own personality in spirit and human form. I have found that basically it's what fits us best that will work, in other words what suits us naturally. I believe this is why at one point our gifts begin to surface, they were there all along. Now I also believe that it is possible to learn and adopt many spiritual talents even if they are not present at first, just like a pianist can learn the trumpet. I think if a certain area of your spirituality begins to illuminate and show itself then you should acknowledge it with true and mature discernment. If I can could you some straight forward no non sense advise it would be this. Gifts come in many beautiful forms, they may not necessarily be as pronounced like a psychic or a claire for example but your gift may be more subtle but it's impact can send tsunami like waves into the world. The reality of our gifts is that everyone carries a gift to themselves, personal and powerful. A teacher has the gift to want to give and teach. A police man has the gift to want to protect and bring order to things. A missionary has the gift of selfless love and so forth. Yes my friends these are awesome beautiful gifts and like the more pronounced spiritual gifts, if we do not use them then they tend to fade. I don't believe we ever lose our gifts, we only choose to make them stronger, use them in a mediocre sense or we push them aside. The reason I say this is because there are so many people who "awaken" and are frustrated or looking in the wrong places hoping that some day they will be able to become a strong psychic or spiritualist like others. Be real with yourself, what has this illumination called you to, what is your own spirit trying to tell you? One of my gifts is very simple, the gift of prayer. I am able to truly pray and when I do I feel myself directly connected to God, it's as if I can knock on His door and He himself answers. Isn't that awesome!? It may sound lame but the power of my prayers when channeled through the ultimate source of light can send life changing waves, some may call it the work of the crown chakra. Thiis amongst my other gifts I believe is the most powerful because when I pray for others or myself, when I pray for guidance I am receiving the ultimate direct response, this response is without corruption and free of interference from humans. I also know that prayer and the other gifts I mentioned work on the same intense spiritual level as spiritualism does, I have observed that while in prayer my spiritual eyes and senses begin to open also at the same rate as when I am practicing let's say telekinesis. When I am focused on helping others, truly focused and committed my spiritual senses begin to awake then also. So it doesn't matter how little or big our gifts are, that's just how it is perceived by human standards. I can take a walk and talk with my God and In that amount of time through focused prayer and faith I can help bring light, structure and truth to many people just as spiritualist do for people. I believe that the simple person who is void of any charismatic gifts, a nobody, an underdog can become a difference maker by many different and little ways. Like Rachel platton says "Like a small boat sending big waves into motion". I also believe that the more we begin to live a good spiritual life the greater our gifts become and the more mature we are spiritually the more God will gift is with. In the end it's up to us how far we want to go spiritually and sometimes if we truthfully look at ourselves we will understand that the "normal" gifts are just fine:).

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Sernek (4 posts)
8 years ago (2016-10-29)
Lovely, and so true. You should be a public speaker. I think some straight talk on this subject is so long over due. Small kind acts, praying etc... Like ripples on still water (sorry not even really a grateful dead fan) reach out far beyond what we can even try to imagine.
EricHandsomeGuy (1 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-05)
Very true and inspiring! People should read this. And that the normal gifts are jist fine, yes I strongly agree with this
Peepers1314 (4 stories) (54 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-02)
I truly love what you have said. Very well spoken and I agree totally. It doesn't matter what gifts we have, we should use them for good and be thankful for them. I like to use my abilities to help other people and I think everyone should read what you have to say. Many people can learn from this, I know that I have.

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