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Coincidence Or Magic?


This is quite hard to explain but one day at school we were writing out stories in neat for display: if one makes a mistake they have to start again.

I said to my friend 'Imagine if someone write out the whole story but made a mistake at the end and had to start again,' a few minutes later it happened to a boy in my class. I thought nothing of it.

Later on that day I said aloud to my friends, 'Imagine if someone tripped over a chair, a few minutes later a girl walked past my friends chair and tripped.

One time I said to my friend, 'Imagine if you fall over your shoes' as you may have guessed, she did.

I tested this out by saying, 'imagine if we got McDonald's' It didn't work. I noticed that whenever I tried to make it advantage me it didn't happen. Any clues what this might be?

Also I have this feeling inside of me that I'm special and different to the world. Like I can do anything if I want to like magic or telekinesis. Like I was born to do something great. Like I have a power inside of me that needs to be unleashed. But no matter how hard I try to find out this power and realize it it doesn't work. I want to know why I feel like this and if anyone else has experienced that feeling.

I also get this weird tingling feeling in my third eye area whenever I shine a torch on it or I put my finger I front of it. Do you guys experience this feeling or know what it could mean? Is my third eye opening? Please comment and give me advice and explain what is happening. Thanks for reading.:)

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Peepers1314 (4 stories) (54 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-02)
Superwomen123, I have had the same things happen and I feel the same way. I can sense things that are going to happen before they happen, and I feel I was created to do something more. Ever since I found this website, I made a goal. That I would try to expand my abilities and find other people similar to me, so we could help other people. Imagine it. If we can predict things before they happen, we can prevent bad things from happening. I too as well, feel that there is an energy inside me that wants to be unleashed, and I want to use that for good. I know a few things from self experience, and I think we can help each other expand our abilities. There is so many more things that we haven't even unlocked yet in our abilities and so many people who have similar abilities to us. If you decide that you would like to share experiences and help each other unlock our abilities and expand them. Then let me know:)

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