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I Feel It's Becoming Second Nature


First off let me say thank you for taking the time to read my stories. I have been searching for a serious forum about these experiences. Growing up I didn't watch too much tv but when I did it was always a paranormal show; never knew why I was so attracted to them, just was. It all started when I bought a book when I was ten. The book was on how to help with psychic abilities. Ever since I bought that book (over ten years ago) odd occurrences happen to me daily. At first it was mostly spirits, which I won't say too much about on here because I'll save it for the ghost forum. I was encountered by a black shadow man in my room one night. Whenever I think about it still makes me tear up. His presence was extremely strong.

Other times I was in the bathroom I would always feel someone with me, a male. I was brushing my hair and I heard him (or I assume it was him) say "Hi/Hello" and I instantly ran out of the bathroom and refused to shut the door all the way for a very long time. It happened twice to me, same voice. Another time, it was just me and my mother home and I was laying on the couch. No tv on, no noise at all except for her in the shower. Out of nowhere I heard the same man say "Alex" (my name). I shot up and looked around to see if there was anyone outside out windows, but nope. It was that same voice. After that the activity died down for about six to seven years. It's not that nothing happened, it was just too minuscule to remember.

When I was seventeen I met a guy called "V". He was convinced that he was the devil's minion and all that stuff. He has a scar on his left hand that he said the devil gave him. Long story short I ended up never talking to him again. It was 2am and I was just pulling up to my house when I got an unknown phone call. I didn't answer until the fourth time this person called. What this person said scared me, I was seventeen and gullible. I thought it was V. I was extremely scared to the point where I was shaking and crying saying how I needed to be brought to a church immediately. The next thing I know I start feeling a burning sensation on my left hand. All I see forming is two blood dots that then formed into a long bleeding cut.

Now I know this may sound crazy but I'm almost positive I did that with my mind. I did not have long, sharp fingernails and nothing was around me. My hands were on my lap. Now I've heard of people "unlocking" parts of their brain that push the powers of telekinesis when they're really angry. But I was really scared and depressed and ended up scratching myself.

Three years later and things are different. If I haven't seen someone in a long time I'll randomly see them or get a text from them. The day my great grandmother died (on my 18th birthday) I saw her in my dreams but she couldn't speak. It's almost been three years since she's died and I have dreams about being there almost every night. My dream have become true to the point where sometimes I can't tell my dreams from reality. Split second visions pop into my head and then instantly happen. IE a cop coming up on the road, a phrase being said, a song, a specific episode of a show. Anything. Ever since I bought that book ten years ago my life has changed. And the funny thing is, I never even read the book.

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