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Can Evil Spirits/entities/black Magic Hurt Small Children?


I have done as much as I can to read up on this and nobody seems to address this issue on any forum, website or blog. I would really like to know what type of effect these entities or black magic itself can have on small children and how they can harm them. From what I have read, entities can hurt your chakras and manipulate thoughts while awake and asleep. I have heard them before (as I know many others have). Please do not answer this question unless you are a compassionate person with a heart or have these experiences yourself and have children or directly know how they affect children. I really don't want any cold hearted/disbelieving people answering this question. Can children's chakras be hurt by entities or can they be abused by them?

From some information I have gathered: Black magic is used to manipulate thoughts and actions. One type involves a type of hypnosis and is really hard to circumvent or get rid of. Nothing on the internet will help regarding black magic/entities because the fact that it is happening on the astral/psychic plane is never addressed. The only thing that seems to help is building one's own awareness and spiritually progress... However it seems to be one step forward, two steps back regarding spiritual evolution for adults and I am not sure if small children are naturally more spiritually connected then adults and therefore more protected, or not.

I'm mainly disturbed by the nonchalance regarding incubus and other disgusting beings of that sort and how largely unconcerned the general community who is aware of these beings seems to be in regards to how they effect small children. I am not trying to preach to anyone, merely point out that small children who are not sociopaths by nature, i.e. Children with souls, are defenseless in most matters and therefore should at least be considered, as I'm sure any compassionate person will acknowledge.

Thank you.

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LadyA (1 stories) (6 posts)
6 years ago (2018-11-19)
It can if it is allowed to. I might be religious too, but I have heard of young children being harmed by someone who seemed to be possessed by evil. I would use caution.
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-10)

It seems the original poster has already gone away.
I checked back to see if she had more questions or had commented. Oh well, I suspected it would happen anyway. Some people have an altered perception of the meanings or concepts you are trying to convey to them and don't really take the time to let it soak in. Sometimes they are influenced by outside forces.

You can click on my name and read my profile page and get my email if you wish to.
Winter_Solace (109 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-09)
[at] ThulsaDune, interesting seeing a fellow Christian on here. And what you say is helpful about this matter here. You seem to know a lot. I am interested in exchanging knowledge some time if you are interested. Perhaps we can exchange emails.

[at] purplechristmaslight, like what ThulsaDune has said, anyone can be affected by black magic, given that they have weaknesses within them that they may have opened themselves. All in all, whether they are a child or an adult, it all depends on their free will. Most children are pure and filled with The Source's/Creator's Love. If they choose to do something they know in any way that they shouldn't do, then a weakness may very well open up a path for darkness into their soul. This can include black magic, demons, and dark spirits. We live in a world where a common enemy keeps tabs on each and every one of us. If they deem someone a threat, they will do what they can to snuff out the person's potential to topple their efforts in controlling everything.

These beings of darkness do what they can to affect the soul of the child at a young age. They do what they can to tempt children into becoming corrupted, dirty, of worldly nature. This corrupts the child's soul to some degree, which makes it easier for the child to become darker themselves. Black magic spells casted by evil people/spirits help this process occur faster, and seals parts of their soul and mind away. Where there is black magic, there are demonic forces at work. If you want more of my input on this, just ask.
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-28)

I think I can help you. I was compelled to open this site this afternoon. My guiding voice told me to open and read this.

I am different than most psychics you will come across. I help people with the darker side of psychic phenomenon. I am a Christian and a psychic and walk the path between the two. I have dealt with and experienced many things first hand with many people. Some on this site may not agree with me, but that is OK. Everyone is unique in how they experience things.

Ok now to answer some questions. No, small children are not in danger from evil entities other than scaring them sometimes. They are not allowed to hurt the innocent until they mature further and start to near puberty. From about age 10 or 11 young children start to become young adults and that is when the attacks can start to happen. The most vulnerable age is from 11 to 17 where young people are easily influenced.

Now I want to try and be delicate about this issue but there is one exception. If a young child has lost their innocence with the help of an older person they can be susceptible to attack if you understand my inference. It is not the child's fault but the older adult can bring on the attacks.

GOD himself protects the innocent and all Evil or negative energies and entities know this fact. The loop hole is if an entity can influence someone to take action that should not. Example is Satanist and like people trying to win favor with those they worship.

I have given advice in the past to people and desperately tried to warn them off of what they were doing. An innocent child is safe until they start doing things that they should not or start playing with adult things that they should not. There are subliminal messages all around them that we as adults need to protect them from. Even Disney hides disgusting things in their films that are hard to see, by perverted people. These people are trying to open gateways and change the world. They are tools used by Evil.

Love your kids and protect them as long as you can but eventually they will exercise their free will and you cannot change that. Bring them up right and protect them, but teach them about the bad stuff out there when they are old enough to handle it.

This world is not all moon beams and unicorns. There is very good but there is very Evil also. You would not let your kids out in the street without teaching them the dangers. Why do we send our kids out into this world without doing the same thing?

Go ahead and comment and get the discussion up and running if you want to. I am sure many will jump on now that someone has dared to touch the subject. I myself will answer to the best of my knowledge and will tell you the truth of what I have been exposed to.

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