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When Dreams Become Reality


Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

I realize this is not a dream interpritation site however, real life events seem to occure after vivid dreams.

I am sharing 2 incidences:

First please keep in mind that I am a twin.

Second please keep in mind that I am a cancer patient.

1) The first time I remember a dream that later came true was in the spring of 1993.

I had drempt one night that my twin brother was in danger. There were people searching and looking for him to cause harm. Inevitably they wanted to kill him. Approximetly three days later while driving home late at night I began having car trouble. I pulled over and called my dad. My father and Uncle drove over in my uncles van at that point I had a strange feeling as if something was wrong. When my uncle opened the side door of his van my brother was hiding in the back. I looked at my uncle and father and said, " Someone is looking for him, they will kill him if they find him".

At that time my brother said, " How do you know"? I told them about the dream I had, had a few nights prior.

Conformation: there was actually a gang looking for my brother because he had been dating a girl that was once dating one of the gang members.

I didn't live at home at the time and had no idea that my brother was even seeing anyone.

2) Three weeks ago I drempt of my own death, although I have had many dreams about my own death this one was very vivid, and I believe relates to a tragidy that happened over the weekend which has caused me an overwhelming feeling that I cannot breath.

During this dream I was forced to make the decision as to when I would take my last breath, I was scared, I was in pain dispite always believing death was not painful. I tried to scream out but could not. In short I had died a painful, fearfilled death which has caused sever real life anxiety over several weeks.

I am now questioning if recent tragic events this weekend are connected to my dream or in anyway am I posible feeling this other person and his emotions?

The questioned connection:

My daughter cares for two young girls. I have met and spoken to the childrens mother however, I have never met or spoken to their daddy.

Sadly, on Friday night the girls dad had hanged himself in the garage. He is on life support and his wife must make the decision to disconnect him as he is brain dead.

It has been very hard on my daughter who is only 17 so I want her to talk about her feelings unfortunately, everytime the conversation is brought up I have this overwhelming feeling that I cannot breath and I just see his face, (I have seen photos of him) and my emotions become so strong I have to walk away. I cannot breath nor can I control my emotions.

I don't understand this overwhelming connection I feel with this man I have never met, and I'm not sure how to deal with it.

I'm not sure of a connection between my second dream and this young mans death, or if it is just coincidence but I am sure of the connection pertaining to my first dream and my brother.

Are these preminisions? Something else?

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

I just want to find some understanding.

Thank you again,


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Cfreewill360 (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-22)
I think that the man wants you to be his advocate, he is in pain, he is not truly there anymore and prolonging it doesn't seem fair to anyone. There is no good answer here, but maybe those intense feelings are his feelings and him trying to tell you that he just wants peace or to take back what he had done. To be honest I don't want you to take my advice I want you to do what you feel is right. I am still a skeptic but this being said I have had dreams that I can't deny. I hope you find peace in whatever choice you make.

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