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Seeing The Future Without Actually Seeing It?


I have been experiencing something for the past year now and I have no idea what to call it, what it is or if it is something at all. My best way to describe it is like this; it's as if I have lived through my life before and now I'm living through it again, but I can unconsciously recall certain memories without realising... If this makes any sense.

At first it started as just a little fun with my friend, it was the day before we went on holiday and we were too excited to go to sleep, so we decided to play a game of guess the number. It was pitch black in the room and she held up a number- it's important to note that I couldn't see her hand and was not cheating! - anyway, I managed to guess all of the numbers correctly. This doesn't sound like much and at first I didn't think anything of it, in fact over the next couple of days we tried to do it again and I couldn't even guess one of the numbers. So, about five days into the holiday and I have another experience (we'll call them moments for further reference), this one is slightly different in that we're sat down in our hotel room, we're getting ready to go downstairs and meet up with the rest of her family, I mention how I thought it was funny that singers can be really big one minute then we'll never hear from them- to this I used the example of Emeli Sande (I hadn't heard one of her songs in years), then as we get to outside and sit down with her family, the first song playing is... Emeli Sande! Although once again it's only small, I start to pick up on these moments.

For the rest of the trip I don't have any more moments which kind of made me forget about the whole thing. About a week after I got back, I was watching a film in my living room. I can't remember what film- it had zombies I think- and on the screen came a woman holding a baby. In my head I imagined that the babies name was Jacob, and about a minute later the women mentions the babies name is in fact Jacob. At this moment I was reminded of everything that happened and I was a bit spooked out. At first I tried to tell my dad but he kind of blew it off, as well as my brother. Over the next couple of months, the moments are about every week or so and they're relatively small and insignificant. After the later months I even thought that what was happening had gone away all together. This was until a couple of months ago.

The moments were quite frequent and still are, they're seemingly quite big now and I even feel that I have slight control over them- but this is very, very minimal. A couple examples of what's been happening frequently are these;

1. Me and my mum were on holiday, at this point I had told her about what was happening and she surprisingly believed me, in fact she even told me that her mum used to read tarot cards and that she's slightly clairvoyant. Anyway, we were driving down this country road in the middle of the lake District (the roads are really curvy and there are loads of trees), she asks me to guess which colour car I thought would come next. I closed my eyes (something I had started doing because the first time I guess the numbers with my friend I had closed my eyes and thought I had saw outlines of numbers- I might not have done and I could have just been guessing them but I still do it) and I tried to look for a colour in my head- this might sound ridiculous but this is normally how it happens- I then guess red. Although red cars are quite popular, it was kind of bizarre for me to guess as were in the country side and see a car every ten minutes, my mum even said how it was ridiculous for me to guess red. Anyway, about five minutes later, we haven't passed a car until one comes around the corner... And its red. Not only that, the next three cars we see are also red.

2. Again, my mum and I were in the car and I was going to put on some music, I decided that I would put on 'Take a Bow' by Rihanna since me and my mum both loved the song. This is slightly weird since we hadn't listened to it for years and it was the first song I thought of. Anyway, we listen to it, then listen to a couple of other songs as well. About ten minutes later my 3G on my phone runs out and I have to put on the radio instead, I turn over to our normal radio station- I can't remember for sure what it was but I pretty sure it was MSmooth, and its half way through playing a random song. That songs ends and the next song to be playing is 'Take a Bow' by Rihanna, keep in mind that that song is over ten years old!

3. This one actually scared me a lot... I was at home alone and was sat in my room. I was watching game show fails and a Family Feud game came up with Steve Harvey. The fail was that the guy pushed the buzzer for Steve had even started the question. I have no idea why, but in that moment, I guessed out loud what I thought his answer would be, I guessed 'cheese'. A second after I said that, the contestant says 'Who took my cheese'... I had never watched this tv show before. I called my mum right after to tell her what happened.

4. This is the last example I'm going to give and actually the one that happened most recently- yesterday. I was listening to a video on YouTube while I was packing my suitcase, it was a video about a hair salon horror story (basically a Storytime) - the creepy part about this is that there are hundreds of these videos online and I happened to choose this one. Anyway, about a minute into the video and the girl on the screen says, 'what's that whistling noise' (referring to the whistle in her own house), right at that moment, my next-door neighbour whistles from out the window in perfect reply to the girls' comment. To be honest this one is a little out there, but I thought in terms of - I clicked on that video at that time to be perfectly aligned with everything?

At this point I began to really feel like something was happening. Every time I would try and tell someone about what was happening, they would just say it was coincidence, which at first is what I thought too, but it was happening about two times a day and I thought that it really couldn't be a coincidence.

So, this is what's happening to me, like I said, I don't know how to describe it or even if it's something psychic happening to me or if it really is some coincidence? I would love to hear what you guys think, and if you have any way for me maybe to control it. I'm slightly worried why now it's becoming really frequent? Please also comment if you're having similar experiences!

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Mady_234 (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-05)
Thank you so much! This reassures me about my experiences, I'm glad there's a way that I can try and control it. I would love to hear more about your experiences too!
emmy007 (23 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-04)
Hello Madi, you sure do have a gift. I dream of events that come true. I also think of certain things which come true immediately or afterwards.
I was told I can control the power of my subconscious mind but it will take some time. You should try meditation. If you need further assistance, you can contact me at emmarexx3 [at]

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