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The Sadness Of Reality


My name is Kim. I have had a gift for as far back as I can remember. This gift, however, I was almost convinced it was a curse after I had my two children. I always knew when something was wrong just by the feeling or intuition I had. My son Dylan, the youngest of the two, was a very headstrong young man that liked to do things his way. We had moved to a town in South Alabama, about three and a half hours from where my kids had been raised there whole life. My daughter was older with a family of her own so she remained there and my son was wanting to move back or go see if he could find a job there. I knew he was 18 and could choose where he wanted to live but this particular decision had my emotions in a tug of war. I had this God awful feeling that was making me physically sick, I heard the words, Don't let him go, over and over in my head. At which point he wasn't hearing me, crying pleading with him to please stay don't go it's not good for you son, please do the go, tears rolling as I handed him the keys to the vehicle I had given him. As he opened the door to get in, I screamed frantically, Please son don't go Momma can't stand this feeling I have inside me. Before I knew it I had ran to him, grabbed him and said "Son I need you to listen close to me, there are two roads waiting for you in that town, both are dead ends but at the end of one there is death and the other is prison son... As I watched him drive away, I couldn't stop crying and two weeks after that day, I received a phone call. My son and his best friend were drinking, left a party, my son driving, his best friend was hanging out the window on an old dirt road in the country when my son reached to pull him back in, he missed the curve and went into a church parking lot in between two roads and his best friend hit the pole and it killed him. My son has had a murder charge for two years now and is facing time in prison.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-16)
That is a very sad event.
The one consolation is you spoke up.
As a parent I had to put a stop to the eldest making a car trip. I had been praying as I could not shake the feeling or smell of death. I felt it at my door. The trip occurred without my teenager. Consequently 3 people died. The young man who took my child's place lived. Yet suffered a bad back. He saw the 2 teenagers who died in the car repeatedly. Until he sought spiritual help to help them cross over.

I feel as a parents we do what we can. With our interaction of truth and warning there is a change. Despite your heart breaking for your adult child. He could of killed people in the church a day or hours earlier.

When truth is spoken it does shed light. It is difficult to predict how your words affected change.
Some children are strong willed and I believe if you are like me. They knew that your voice of warning was full of wisdom.

The positive point is your son is still alive.
He has the rest of his life to make restitution and make a difference in the world. This horrible event could be the rebirth as he us now responsible to live not only his life but his friends. He should make every day count. This is what I told my child. And boy did she shine. She
Also dealt with survivors guilt which took time to get over. I do not
Believe she forgot her best friend who died. But it gave her strength to plow through hard and horrible odds to become a military officer.

It is said our children are a gift and are on loan to us. Be assured you did the right thing.
As we make our mistakes, so will our children.

I am sending a prayer for you and your son plus his friends family.

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