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Confirmation Of My Feelings Before Your Eyes


I'm not sure how many story's I am allowed to share so I wanted to share this one with you all so that the words you read are confirmed by what I'm about to show you.

Just another day to my family as we all gathered at my dad's house I was staying at with him. My niece and sister were visiting from out of state. As we finished up with dinner, it was nearing time for them to leave when I started having the feelings I got more often than not, of not just one but many spirits watching me. My dad had heard them turn on the coffee pot or flicker a light or slam a door but visibly couldn't see them as I could. But there were so many I couldn't make out what or why they were there.

Confirmation Of My Feelings Before Your Eyes

Before my niece left she suggested taking some pictures of my daddy in the front yard, so we all moved out there before the sun was gone to get better pictures. She tool several of them in her brand new digital camera that she had just gotten and didn't get them developed until she got home.

The next day I got a phone call from my niece, she was frantic, talking so fast I couldn't understand her all I was getting was Get Grandpa and leave. Finally my sister called me and told me that my niece had taken her camera to develop the pictures and what was on there was unbelievable but for me to get my daddy out of that house.

I didn't know exactly what was captured on those photos but I was aware of the many spirits in this house but none of which seemed to be Interested in harming me or my dad. So I called my, somewhat more calmed down, niece and told her to fax or email me the pictures right away and she did.

Now understand that with our ability and insight to see the unexplainable, but yet so fascinating beings from the other side, I myself wasn't expecting this.

There it was as plain as day, the ripe from heaven., something I'd always heard about but never saw it with my own eyes it was amazing beautiful and hang just there for my father's head just like I seen in pictures Straight from Heaven. At the end of this rope there was The Noose and from this noose, there was an aura, many faces, many spirits. Allwas right there beside my father. I continue to look through the pictures as I said there was many faces and many spirits, some of which looked familure, others I had never seen before. In one of the pictures you can see my father standing there and the sky was lit up in blue you can see the lights are shining through his house to the side of him. Yet in the very next picture you couldn't see anything behind my dad except a very dark sky and the outer trim of the house that appeared to have no lights on at all. All if these pictures were taken one after the other in a coarse of about thirty minutes. It was unreal that this was all captured on film all the way to the rope from heaven being lifted and the Noosa remained around the auras. As my niece drove off she snapped one last picture of my dad standing on his front porch waving goodbye. The sight in this picture was breathtaking as it appeared to be flames roaring out of the house, What it really was was the spirits gathering energy.

Of coarse these pictures were above and beyond what I expected but it prompted me to do some research on the land. I found in all my searching that many many years ago the land in which my dad's house sat upon was once a buried ground for slaves of any color, however they were poor and unable to pay for proper burial they were beneath the ground where I resided.

I will attempt to upload a phomto

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Martin (129 posts) mod
6 years ago (2017-10-31)
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published 📷

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