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I don't know how to basically start this off, but OK, here I go.

As of late, I've been getting this weird feeling of being somewhat watched, or stalked, specially when I am in darker places. To put it in simple words, this sensation sends chills down my whole body, my ski, etc. I also sometimes, get this feeling of heath, or warmth, when you usually do something wrong, yet I'm aware I didn't do or say something stupid, nonsense, etc. Other thing is, I sometimes can, let's say, predict stuff even without knowing, sort of like intuition. Or even easily tell what a person might be feeling by that time.

Accompanied by this feeling, sometimes I have premonitory dreams (take in mind, I am conscious it is all a dream. To place an example, I got one about the lastest attack in Germany, the guy who tried to bombthe restaurant but failed), get visions (some are clear, others are like flashes, most of them are related towards a small girl, she is dressed in very old fashioned clothes, fashion circa the 40's or late 50's, or of a tall and thick-pale gothic looking woman, I can sense her intentions are no good, however.) And, sometimes I will hear voices, whispers or my ear would start catching up with a small buzz, sort of like, those generic sounds you hear in movies when, connection is lost or when, something is trying to reconnect. My mother, who is a very spiritual person, said that, the last aspect usually happens when someone is trying to literally, connect to you and, that me getting overheat & hearing voices is no different.

The thing is, sometimes all of these things are somehow related towards future events. Before I got to access Highschool, I had a dream of a person who later became my friend, take in count I didn't see him before elsewhere. So, with this said, you can figure out what I'm probably heading towards.

Other things I would like to mention are.

I had those feelings since I was a kid, I am 18 years old now. And, I have some other experiences but, I doubt this could fit in here.

My father, about a year ago, was randomly contacted by a medium and... Told him stuff that, was not supposed to be known, she also explain a bit about my conditon and, she said there was someone who, was trying to connect with me, I am however not entirely sure on who this person is. Or if it's even a person.

The voices tell me a lot of coherent stuff, it's not as if I was hearing non-sense (unlike a schizo person.)

I suffer from small depression, not a huge grade but, it has affected me a lot. Could it be that, because of this I somehow can also attract bad entities or energy?

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Paola825 (2 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-14)
Hey, I've had a similar story to yours. And it's pretty cool that I'm not the only person that has lived with this. All my life I thought I was weird or that god wasn't on my side because of the episodes I've had or the things I've seen.
As far with the entity, you just need to be calm and not think about it. It took me years to realized that and even though it still bothers me nowadays, I know how to handle myself.
I've always had dreams. All sorts of dreams. Dreams that can predict tomorrow's agenda, dreams where I see myself in a different world or dreams that are just nightmares.
My mom has dreams too but not as intense. Since she has lived with having dreams, she knows how to difinite them. At first I thought it was my imagination but it really wasn't. I felt more calm when she told me she had them too. And she taught me how to difinite them.
But when it came to seeing things and to listening to voices, my mom had a hard time understanding. It wasn't until I got older that she understood why. A medium told her that was my gift.
Sometimes I wish I didn't have that gift but in a way, it had made me who I am today.
I had my first vision when I was 8 or 9.
Saw and heard things when I was 6 or 7.
And since then, I still have them.
keyofallsouls (1 stories) (22 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-18)
The voice is probably you picking up on the entity trying to communicate with you in attempts to get you to stop detaching itself from you. I wouldn't stress about it too much, it's pretty common to experience. I'd use it as a sign that what your doing is working and to continue being vigilant with what you do.

Since it's an childhood experience that most likely attracted itself to you, then it's most likely attached the emotions and thoughts/opinions you had during that experience. Those types of things are tricky to let go of, accept, and move on from. It is very possible though. To be honest with you I just discovered this was a thing recently (monthish recent). I have had an negative energy persistenting to be a hindrance and make me vulnerable and weak since middle school (bad experiences in then). Anyways I'd try the methods I suggested to you already and they did work but there was always some way it held on to me. It turns out it used my lack of communication with my family members as a way to get to me (this probably sounds absurd but negative things don't play by the rules. Pretty sure they don't have any rules either lol). In middle school I kept to myself because I felt that I couldn't talk to my family about what was going on and how I felt. That right there made things even more painful than the experience needed to be.

My point in telling you that was to say that since I figured out what that entity kept holding onto, I began to defy it there. I've learned that I can actually talk to my family about what I felt I couldn't before and that I can actually trust them. I'm also slowly but surely letting ago of what happened because the past is called the past for a reason, right?

Ever since I've been communicating better with my family and improving myself I've finally been able to release myself from the hindrance (I refuse to acknowledge that entity as anything more). It's still kind of around me but it's fading/almost gone. I hope this will help you more with the entity your dealing with:3

Anytime! I know what it''s like to be on your own with these experiences and having no idea what to do, who to talk to, and even if what you're doing is effective/right. If I can help it, I want to do whatever I can to make sure no one else has to go through being (and feeling) alone and weak and the whole string of negatives that comes with it.

To wrap up this post, I'm glad that I was able to help you out! If anything else comes up or you want to keep me or the other users on here updated, just post and let us all know:3
herr_liddell (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-18)
[at] keyofallsouls

Thanks! Actually, since I posted this, I've been trying to do as you said... Oddly enough, I was feeling better until, actually right now. When helping my parents out today during work, I took a small break (not like, something remotedly long, perhaps 1 or 2 minutes.) and at that moment, I heard a strange voice, it was distored, it did sound female or at least to me it did, I wasn't able to figure out what the voice was truly saying... But by the tone, it certainly wasn't something good enough. Does this mean something?

And, as for a childhood experience, I think I might have a certain idea of what can be causing this, but let's say, it wasn't exactly a thing I used or didn't use to do, rather, it was an experience.

Anyway, as always, thank you for helping out. I truly appreciate this.
RockShan (guest)
8 years ago (2016-08-15)
Very common for someone to undergo these symptoms from spirits, it seems one or a few spirits have come to like you, and wish to sap your energy or use you as a puppet basically. I took the liberty of scanning you and contacting this spirit, it is very weak (at least compared to me sense I have practiced many abilities all my life), She has an aggressive agenda, she gave me the number 479 does this mean anything to you? I also took the liberty to toy with the spirit, and then hit her with a decent attack. She is latched to you so I can't remove her from my end, at least not easily. I have ways for you too do it though, I want you too relax, and get in a slight meditation state, doesn't have to be a full state. "Feel", or "Imagine/Visualize" the connection between you and this spirit, they are usually represented by silver, or white lines connected between your head / 3rd eye, and them. Feel and Visualize energy coming from your lower chest, or upper stomach (Dan Ti'an or however you spell it), and going up the lines, or connection, give the energy the intention of "Willing the spirit away", but not aggressive, I don't recommend aggressive unless you know what your doing. Don't listen to things such as "just ignore it", or command it away... That won't do anything then give the entity energy or more time to latch deeper into you... If this those not work, I can offer a lot more aggressive ways, or methods to quickly gain a basic level of Energy Manipulation, etc. In order to perform attacks.
keyofallsouls (1 stories) (22 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-15)
No problem!  😊  😊

To detach yourself from that entity you could do one of several things. I know many people use the power of prayer or say "In the name of *insert name of higher power you believe in here*" to banish/rid themselves of what is out to cause them harm.  I personally like to defy the attachment of what attaches itself to me. For me it could be doing simple things like actually forcing myself to make my bed when I haven't in 2+ weeks to doing something I love that gets me really proactive later in the day (for me this tends to be listening to music). Negative entities will do whatever they can to have a grip onto your being. They'll instill anger, fear, intense sadness, jealousy, etc and press that emotion into you as a means to stay attached. In your case, to defy this Gothic woman I'd try to figure out what about your childhood is holding you back and letting her have grip on your soul. Once you figure it out, defy it. Resist an age old habit, or do something you were to scared to do as a kid but wouldn't mind doing now because you know the benefit of the task. Things like that.

For writing down the visions, I typically write my own in story format. It makes it easier for me to find the protagonist/antagonist of situation, "character" intentions, etc. I'm also a writer so it helps me with my writing ability lol. But for you just write them however you feel comfortable with and leave absolutely nothing out no matter how absurd it is. Also add down any and all thoughts or feelings you had during vision. Those are important and will help you disect meanings of vision. After writing them down, if you wrote them like a story then you'd have an easier time analyzing them. If not, then analyze them as you would if you wrote down a dream (keep in mind though that visions are different from dreams. They are similar but in the end dreams come when we want them to whereas visions come when needed). I know is a great website for getting dream symbol meanings. You could take a look at there just to get an idea of how things can be interpreted for yourself, etc. Then you can interpret your own personal meanings that you see fit. I know dreammoods is for dreams but since dreams and visions are similar, it's a good example source of interpretations many people have of the same object/dream symbol. That said, don't take to heart every interpretation someone else gives you whether it be the interpretation of a dream or vision. If that meaning seems wrong to you then it is the wrong meaning. Only you know what relates and makes sense to you best, no other pyschic or dog for the matter does.

Wow that was long hahahahaha. And everyone is new to something astrally at some point in their life, regardless of how adapt they are so no worries! Practice makes perfect for a reason XP Welp, that's all I can think of for right now, let me know if you have any more questions, still confused, and how things turn out!:3
herr_liddell (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-15)
[at] keyoffallsouls.

First of all, thanks for taking your time to comment on my thread! I really appreciate your interest and support.

Now, as for the topic itself, if I can ask, how would you recommend me to detach myself from said entity? I'm sorry, I'm pretty new to this thing, ha!

As for me writing visions down? I never thought of it, if I can also ask, what do you suggest I can do after that? To be more specific, analyze them in certain way?
keyofallsouls (1 stories) (22 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-14)
Depression is definitely something negative entities are attracted to but isn't the sole (sp?) reason they are. Some people have pretty pure energy that draws spirits to them (either to help the person or cause person harm).

The Gothic woman you sense as no good to you should probably be dealt with first before you try to figure out what spirit is trying to connect with you. The visions you get can help you figure out what you have to do, etc. Any visions you have I'd write down if you can and then look at them a day or so later and see if anything comes to mind or if something comes up and makes sense to you. Visions are pretty great but sometimes very cryptic when you really don't want them to be lol.

I think maybe that Gothic woman is around you and is the reason you get those feelings of heat like being wrong, etc. I'd focus on cleansing your energy from her and detaching her from your own energy. That might clear things up a bit.

Let me know if you need me to clarify anything (I know I can be confusing with my wording sometimes), etc.

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