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A Different Perspective On Abilities


I've been dealing with the Paranormal, Astral Travel and spirit communication for years. With that said, an interesting thing happened to me the other day.

I've had communication with spirits and the living (yes, in more than one instance) primarily through dreams, and aural ability. In many instances, I have encountered people (one psychic who specifically told me her name, and I made contact with via e-mail, and another individual who I encountered assigned to an overseas location who was living-and at one time assigned to the FOB I was at years prior when we met in my dream in 2004, but died in 2012). For a very, very long time, I only presumed those I came in contact with were deceased. Verifying two people, who specifically gave me their names in the dreams and I later found out were alive, changed my perspective on things, and my views on the paranormal.

The other day, I was trying to take a nap. This is usually when I experience almost every encounter. I have seen people's faces (as I did with the psychic-but I saw her as she was when she was in her 30's, and she's in her late 60's now-she verified this, and the man who was military I saw as he was at that time, and I was only able to verify this when I found his memorial page on the Internet, with a picture of him taken in 2003) but there have been many instances where I see nothing-a black or grey field-but can hear everything. This was the case the other day. A man was talking (but he was talking like he couldn't see me), and as crazy as this is going to sound, it almost felt like he was trying to make contact with me, but couldn't see me. He was saying, in a very distinct southern accent "Is anyone there? Can anyone hear me?" And, I responded "Yes." I couldn't make out what he was saying (at times, it sounded staticky and tunnel-like), but I asked him what his name was. He said "John." I asked him what his last name was, and to spell it. He did, with clarity. And then I heard another man's voice say with incredulity "She can hear us!" He sounded as if he was further away from John, and his voice sounded odd to me-almost mechanical. I can pull myself out of dreams now, and I did right at that moment. And, this started me thinking...

What if it was possible that the people we are coming in contact with are not all deceased, but alive and well, also in a dream state traversing on another level of existence? Or, we have the ability to move, through spirit/energy on that plane, and can re-enter the physical world, making contact with the living in other areas (like we happen to be in an area a medium or paranormal group is investigating, they're trying to make contact with spirits, and while we're in AT, hear them and make contact with them)? I thought of this because the immediate sense I had when I made contact with "John" was that he (and whomever he was with) were doing just that-trying to make contact with someone not of their world. I subsequently looked his name up within the local area I live in (because his voice and accent were definitely southern and distinct), and found both living and deceased "John's". Since I never saw him, unlike the other two I have come in contact with, it would be very difficult to identify who he is (living or dead). Unless I happened to hear his voice in passing one day.

I'm not discounting a paranormal world where the deceased reside (either by choice or inability to go elsewhere). But, what if the contact mediums & paranormal investigators make are not always with the deceased, but those that have the ability to Astral Travel/move on a plane of existence separate from this physical world? The military utilized "remote viewing" for many years (from the 50's-80's, when they ended the program) with certain people who showed certain abilities, and had an over 80% success rate in verifying the locations the subjects were instructed to "travel" to and describe. I know I can't be the only one that has thought of this, or this has happened to.

I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this, and inferred this possibility? I'm no longer presuming every contact I make now is solely with the deceased, after the two experiences I was able to verify and other experiences I've had. Looking for any insight or experiences!

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