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Why Do Wild Animals Come To Me?


It is strange that when I'm alone outside wild animals come to me and rest on my left foot. It is always my left foot. Once they touch my left foot, they look up at me as to just say something but never do, they just look up at me then they move on to something else.

Some of these animals are as follows: non domesticated cats, the ones that hisses at you, birds of any sort, lizards, butterflies, beetles, wild jack rabbits, fish. When I was at San Diego at the beach I was just walking along the shore line and a school of fish, seemed like to follow everywhere I was going.

It is kind of weird, like something out of a movie. Like in the Bible with Moses and building the Ark. I start to wonder if God is saying something to me. As if I need to listen closer to hear what it is. Could it be something going on in the planet? Or in the stars above? Is it something I must do? Why is it me? These are some of the questions that I always ask myself.

Just the other day I was alone outside my house, in my back yard. It must have been around 1 am, when I had the urge to have a smoke break. I know smoking is bad for you and I truly agree with you. It could even be the animals are telling me to quit smoking. Maybe I need to listen to them. Back to what I was saying. I went outside and all of a sudden out of no where a bat, yes the furry thing with wings flew down from the sky and landed on my left foot. Oh my God, I thought for sure this creature from the night was going to just bite me or something in that affect. However it just flew down landed on my left foot and looked up at me, once our eyes meet it flew away. I never seen it again.

It only happens when I'm alone or people in the distance.

If anyone can explain why this is happening to me I could use some advise and thanks for listening to my story.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-16)
They sense your energy. And are reminding you of your that your mission is with nature.

A friend I speak to has the same amazing things happen to him also. His Ain and purpose is with nature and protecting wild life.

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