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Seeing Black Orbs And Contacted In A Dream


I am constantly seeing auras around me, sparkling air and short light-glimpses in different shapes. It started years ago but has become more and more visible after time. Last year I got an eye and brain scan but nothing wrong so I started reading about similar experiences online and since then more things have started happening to me.

Very often I experience sleep paralysis and I\'m always conscious in my dreams. The other day I had a quite normal dream where I was walking in a city when a boy (can't remember how he looked) stod in front of me and I had a strong feeling he didn┬Ęt belong in the dream. He said "Im always ready to talk when you are" but the voice came from outside my head and was so clear that it woke me up. I wanted to talk to him but I\'m afraid to "allowing" spirits etc get to me because honestly its scary. Other nights I also have been waken up my a voice or growling in my ear.

Some months ago I woke up from a sleep paralysis and stared into a big circle of glowing black and purple. It stayed for a long time. A couple of days later the same thing happened and a black "orb?" floated besides my bed for a long time.

Another unexplainable new thing I experience is that when I close my eyes sometimes totally random pictures show up like a slideshow. It seems like nothing that\'s related to me and I don\'t know the people in the photos. Most of the things I see are totally normal but suddenly a picture stands out and it gets my attention. I can also see shadows behind my closed eyelids like glowing black silluettes.

Right now I feel a presence in the room and when I stare at it its a weak green light but when I look away I can see it moving in the corner of my eyes.

These experiences are freaking me out and I don\'t know what to do...

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Boson (179 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-24)
Hello Sarvagataya,

There is no reason to be scared about spirits. And there is reason to be scared about spirit communications in dreams either. You just have to learn to know how to distinguish between good and bad spirits, and to do that you simply apply spiritual protection of Divine power. You see, only good energy/entities/spirits are allowed within your protection. So if you learn about protection and practice that before you go to sleep (an any other time as needed), then you can rest assured that any spirit that contacts you in your dreams are benevolent and trusted.

About your random images that you see with your inner eye, I had that too in the beginning when my psychic ability opened up. Now would be a good time for you to use your ability in a controlled fashion. For starters, you can ask a question in your mind what you want to know about. And instead of random images, you should be able to receive visions that relate to your question.

I hope that helps a little.


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