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Seeing Auras And Colors Everywhere


The first experience I remember of seeing these auras are from when I was around twelve. I sat in a white classroom everyday and around my teachers I saw bright colors and shadows in green or white hanging after them. Like if they were standing in one place and then moved their shadow would still glow in a human shape were they first were standing.

Now I'm sixteen and its gotten a lot worse. I have had constant headaches/migraines and breathing problems (not severe) the last years. Wherever I see, there are these colors.

When I look at a wall it is like its covered by an electric fence that's sparkling and its grainy but still glowing. I see black squares moving across the room and straight lines glowing.

Right now when I look around I see the glowing wall, black but see-through shadows moving around, visible lines without colors in front of the computer and blinking shapes that only last for a second and there is a line who goes across the room.

When I sleep at my house I wake up even more tired, but its not like that other places even tho I still see the same things.

I often see shapes of humans but that's usually only when there are humans in the room.

I can also see others and my own aura and that's usually the colors grey, white, red, green or pink.

I remember this one incidence where I was alone in my house, my grandma had just passed away so I had lighten candles around her picture. Then I felt this presence, I didn't feel like it was her but I didn't know her to well.

As usually I saw colors moving around, then suddenly the colors made the shape of a green human shadow and it came towards me.

If this is spirits I usually don't feel like they're dangerous, but sometimes especially when I'm alone I swear I can feel a creepy presence, I suddenly get cold and feel like someone is behind me in the ceiling.

Also sometimes my dog avoids me and goes to another floor when I'm close but mostly she loves me and follows me everywhere... That makes me feel like there is someone else with me, because that's what she does when I have real visitors.

I don't want the colors to disappear, but I want to understand them and live with them without losing sleep, energy and having anxiety.

Not sure if this is relevant but I experience sleep paralysis often and my dreams are very real + I remember and mostly control them. It has happened that I dream that something bites me and I wake up from the pain of being bitten.

I don't know anything about this, and really need help:) <3

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healinghands80 (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-08)
I have found that I can only see the auras of those who are like myself. Either a healer, empath or clairvoyant. I can also sense when darkness is near such as a person who senses I am the bright light that threatens to expose the darkness. At times I can find myself hiding in the shadows in order to masking aura as a defense mechanism of sorts. Still having trouble with controlling frequency though.
Peepers1314 (4 stories) (54 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-13)
I too, have discovered that I can see auras, but I haven't encountered sprit auras. I new to this and still learning. If you would like, Maybe we can communicate and help each other learn more about seeing auras, and learn how to control it.

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