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Was There A Recent Mass Psychic Event On College Campus?


Having been largely skeptic of "psychic" phenomena and spiritual experiences for most of my life, I cannot help but now believe otherwise after the recent events I have experienced and have witnessed happen to other students. From what I know, myself and many other people were hospitalized displaying "psychic" and paranormal abilities in the last few days of July, and I was discharged as of a month ago. It feels impossible to believe, since I was released I cannot find any evidence anywhere in the news or media or internet about the recent events I have experienced, yet I definitely can't deny what happened, especially with the additional evidence from the physicians and police on campus that I have gleaned from what my family has told me (yet they strangely refuse to release my records and reports).

It all started less than two months ago, during the time I was staying on campus at university for summer classes. I did not notice anything out of the ordinary occurring in my life or on campus to any other students until I began my personal solo experimentation into Zen meditation. With the help of literature I read in my university's library, I began the habit of daily morning meditation, hoping to relieve stress and improve my mental focus in school. However, within a few weeks, I found myself falling into what Buddhists would call "the Void". In Buddhism, there is the concept of sunyata, or inherent emptiness of all things in the universe, in contrast to our usual "false beliefs" about how everything we see and experience seems permanent and "real". There is the implicit goal of "attaining Enlightenment" through meditation, though you are not supposed to think about the goal of Enlightenment when you practice meditation, but simply sit without thinking of attaining. This Buddhist concept of Enlightenment indicates that one will have a sudden breakthrough, smashing through the delusions of what we think of as reality, or "smashing through empty space" as one monk put it. Being largely naïve of what this "smashing through reality" Enlightenment was supposed to be, I continued to meditate and reaped the benefits of finding myself doing better and better in class, able to study less and yet score higher grades than I'd previously expected.

This sudden realization of the Void came one weekend as a total shock, a spiritual Enlightenment that I cannot describe in words. It's difficult for me to remember what exactly happened, as the memories are hazy, but I felt like I had transcended outside the boundary of ordinary time and space and into the emptiness of Void, which was always there yet humans are unaware of due to the delusions of everyday thinking and 'common sense'. For example, you might say you are sitting in your living room at three o'clock in the afternoon on the second Tuesday of so and so month, but you are only expressing your perceived position in "time" and "space" using human measures of time and space. I felt like I had somehow, completely unintentionally, gone outside of these superficial labels of reality into the beyond. The next few days (in Earth time) following that weekend were strange and felt very otherworldly. I couldn't find myself able to concentrate in class, so for three days I didn't attend. I remember wandering around campus feeling lost inside a vast Void, although my human body and mind were still present on this Earth.

For instance, while sitting at my desk in my room, I began listening to a Youtube video that played relaxing music. However, while my physical self sat there listening, I was somehow 'taken to another place' where many eons of time seemed to pass before me in a great expanse of space (?). I can't describe the feeling of being there, like bliss beyond bliss. It was the feeling of diving deep below the waters of a huge sea like a fish, then able to swim back up to the surface and freely fly above in the vast sky above the great expanse of waves like a bird. I don't know how I was able to be in two places at once, one is my physical body sitting in my room listening to a Youtube video, and the other in this otherworldly expanse of Void, beyond the ordinary boundaries of our physical universe's time and space. It felt like I was inside there forever, passing through lifetime after lifetime (not unlike the Buddhist principle of constant wheel of birth and death). The experience was beyond describing in words and I can only remember fragments of what seemed to occur, but all this must have resulted due to my "Enlightenment". It was like I witnessed the cycle of birth and death, and momentarily returned to the Source, to my original nature beyond this physical self (of my current earthly identity and body). This felt the utmost familiar, as if this really was the way I'd always been and I'd just forgotten.

I know that what I experienced was definitely not normal, and soon after I returned from being 'inside the Void', I began demonstrating strange powers that I cannot explain how I obtained. I spoke in voices, an old man's voice, a woman's voice, although I don't know how my vocal cords were capable of producing such sounds. I could clap my hands together and create a reverberating shock that resonated throughout the room. I wasn't hurt by fire, and I could freely pass my fingers through a candle flame without getting burned. You can imagine how frightening and strange my new behavior must have appeared to the people around me and sure enough within two days, in the morning my apartment housemates called the police on me. I do have a clear memory of the police coming into the apartment and taking me away in a four wheel cruiser.

They took me to a local hospital, where I remained in the emergency room for most of the day, slipping in and out of consciousness. I was not totally out of this Void, you see, and even though time passed normally for the hospital staff and everyone else, I felt like eons of time passed as my physical body lay in that hospital bed. It was an indescribable experience and I felt so frightened and alone at times as I lay there feeling like I've regressed back to being born again, back to being just a baby emerging out of the womb. What was going on outside my body and mind felt like I was beyond this physical universe, trapped and freefalling through the vacuum of empty, infinite space. I was still aware of what was going on around me, the nurses tending to me, the dialogue of the staff and security guards. I was also suddenly very physically aware of all the processes in my body: my heartbeat, the blood pounding and coursing through all my veins and arteries, my nerves, my digestion. These body processes came in me very loudly in sudden clarity, as if I myself was somehow able to travel down my own bloodstream, explore my own heart beating, my body processes working.

Now maybe all this that I experienced could be dismissed as some kind of schizophrenia or hallucinations, if it wasn't for the other patients that began arriving into the ER around the same time I did. I was one of the first, I am sure of that, because when the police took me to the hospital, the doctors and nurses were baffled as to what was wrong with me. I remember them taking urine samples, dressing me in a hospital gown, and hooking me up to an IV drip and EKG sensors. As I lay there, other patients, fellow college students by the looks of them, began to arrive in the emergency room and some of there were led past my bed, so that's how I knew. I overheard doctors' voices saying things to describe symptoms like, "They all display that pupil-darting movement," so I could guess that somehow all these patients like me were all part of this common affliction? Hallucination? Psychic event?

The hospital was in a state of panic, I remember people constantly rushing past my bed, the noises of the workers and police and other people talking, an alarm light on the wall across from me was flashing white. It felt like the apocalypse had come or something, like it was something from a movie. After a while, a psychiatrist lady came over to talk to me, and I did my best to tell her everything I could about what happened to me. She appeared a bit confused and flustered by the mess that was happening, and I asked her, "What's going on?" She looked at me, wide-eyed, and replied in her best trying-to-be-calm professional voice, "That's what we're trying to figure out." Everybody looked frightened and panicked. I also remember at one point being able to telepathically communicate with the nurse. When she was hovering over my vision as I was lying down, I looked at her straight in the eyes and thought, "The universe is so big! I'm scared!" She nodded back understandably and audibly replied, "I know it's big. I know you're scared, it's going to be ok." WTF? How did she immediately know what I thought? After a while, I closed my eyes and went back to the blackness of the Void. I don't know how long I must have been lost in there, but in Earth time it was probably just a few hours.

Many, many other things happened afterwards (the events after the ER, the weeks I spent being cared for and covertly studied at a psychiatric facility, the weeks I spent after finally being released, and so on) but that's another story entirely. It's quite possible that perhaps most of what I remember might have all been hallucinations or delusions of some sort if it were not for the glaring evidence that says otherwise. For example, (as the doctors later informed me) my housemates reported that they saw me set my own hair on fire, which was what led them to call the police. I don't remember ever doing this, and even if it were so, my hair was not singed or burned in the slightest when I was admitted to the ER. I do remember passing my fingers through a candle flame, because I was so surprised that I wasn't getting burned by it. I also know for a fact, from information gleaned from the doctors and my school counselor, that I'm definitely not the only student in town who was admitted to the ER on that day for similar 'symptoms'. I don't personally know or met anyone else who went through what I went through, but I'm sure they exist. Also, the doctors never sat me down and told me anything about what happened, or why they won't release any information to me or my family. The whole thing is shrouded with secrecy as if just trying to discuss it is off-limits and forbidden. If anyone else has recently noticed or experienced anything strange and/or similar to my experience, please feel free to contact me.

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carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-24)
I think some prescriptions also can cause someone to get possessed. I saw this with my child. The doctor put her on so many medications thinking she was mentally ill. All these prescription pills can also cause a possession.
carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-24)
terrible, my daughter had a similar experience. She had done some spells. She started to speak in Latin and voices of mans and womans. She laughed like she was possessed. She said spiders were crawling on her many of them. Her bed rose up. She was cutting herself. I took her to doctor. I also prayed for her. We had a sucubus touch us in the house. She had done a love spell with candles. She lit her blanket on fire. She got burned on her arm. She would put electrical cords near her when she took a shower. I had to let her live with her father later. I was fearful for her. I think she was getting sick and possessed, from the love spell.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-11)
Your case is a combo so please continue to read

If you investigate what I wrote you will understand you
Had a Spiritual enlightenment. Only to the fact you practiced a grounding practice. You also had a foreign
Substance that heighten and exacerbated a natural meditation process you would of had in a lesser degree. Your fellow students had a drug trip.

Your human body was over tasked and felt like it was dying. But your spirit/Soul moved into the Void of peace
The mind perceived as death. The soul is amazing as it moved to the familiar light of peace into the Void. When this happens letting go of fear of death a reunion with the Devine occurs. We in turn reflect and let go. In death as in a life review we see the past but as an observer.

This has been called rebirth also listed as a Shamanic calling experience.
As we have layers which can be other incarnations as well as layer with our family tree. With enlightment we let go of
Habits to include Thought patterns plus family Karma which your mind ran through like a wheel entering through a dying process then a feeling of renewal shedding the old embracing the new on the various levels which created a feeling of this over and over.
Which sums up to Bliss Nirvana Enlightment.

For the majority of us we do through this in
Our spiritual path on a palitable level which I call Spiritual shifts. Then come to awakening and enlightenment.

There is a book that covers a part of this at a different angle.
Title-The Toltic secret by Sergio-Magana

Google Shamanic awakening.

If you understand some of the indigenous people with plants and rituals etc. You will see my finger is on the right pulse.

It is very import you throw aside what I say and challenge it. By doing your own research and keep asking. Knowledge is power and truth can not be disputed.

For over 20 some years I have worked in med field some with Psyciatric nurses and then ER plus a few other
Hospitals and seen psychic things as well as watched people under
Influence. Its something else.

Through no purposeful act by yourself. Your story shows foot prints of a substance affecting your body and mind soul but thank God so did you repetitive Zen meditation and soul move in its attempted to process the good seeds you had sown.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-09-11)
Be very selective of any master or guru and avoid those with big egos. Everyone's truth and reality is different so it can be a challenge to find one that isn't limiting.

Your abilities may be gone as you say, but it's like Einstein said, anything that can be done once, can be done again. This will always be within you although perhaps buried again. Just be careful of your tests because as you found out, those can land you in a psychiatric hospital. I'd avoid anything that would normally be deemed crazy.

Your story was so interesting that I discussed it with my husband. What if this was the beginning of something? These things happen for a reason. Will it happen again? Will it happen to more people? Can it become permanent? Was it a coincidence you were meditating at the time and if not, why did others have this as well?

You are so right about the illusory element of the physical world. Regardless of this happening again, you are on target about how things are and I think have a really interesting future ahead of you. I hope that if this ever happens again, you'll share with us that event. I think there is something here beyond a kundalini activation or whatever it was.

I hope you keep educating yourself. You seem exceptionally bright and who knows, could be that guru or master yourself in time, to others.

mistonmountains (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-11)
Hi PathR,
I think the fire burning thing definitely wasn't part of being controlled or a religious thing at all. I think it was my own doing and my own choice, but I didn't view it as self-harm, because my body wasn't being harmed by it. The flame passed through my fingertips without any feeling or injury at all. I believe this is because the physical body is an illusion (?) that belies the True Reality that I inadvertently stumbled upon. I seemed to have realized this Reality and therefore used a candle flame as a test to see if it was really true, it was not a form of deliberate self-harm, though it probably seems that way from a 'normal' perspective.

I have never taken recreational drugs in my life, so unless I was drugged somehow I don't think they could have influenced this. But I do realize this Oneness, and it feels quite obvious to me now, that All is One and One is All, but I just didn't know it before.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-10)
mistonmountains,some of your story with the Void
As described as Source/oneness/bliss. I hope you continue to read if you are really looking for answers.

There is nothing I have come across in Esoteric or Eastern religion that fits the part of mindlessness to set ones own hair on fire or burn ones hand.

According to old traditions re Peyote aka Mescal, maguey-plant consciousness changes. Which was used
Under instruction and moderation not to be abused open up psychic perception.
As the Moon affect of taken over by the Blackeagle-aka VOID can lead them into a state lunacy as you describe in you unknown actions.

In traditions meditation/breath work/disciple are used to merge the conscious and the Dream body which opens perception and bliss-aka oneness. But there is grounding. People can practice Zen for hours to experience the Void but do not experience self harm.

It is believed Source/God/Void are one and all life were
Derived from it.

Esoteric belief is that anger lodges in the Liver.

Meditation is known to be a cleanser and releases toxins out of the liver that affect the brain.

If in the past you partook of Recreational drugs, or chemicals.
Or were in the military you would of been inundation with vaccines. Some have had dyer consequences. Again these lay dorment in the liver.

You seem to fit a criteria of having a foreign
.substance. If the same behavior occurred with other students then you were all exposed to the same foreign substance. You would have had experienced bliss plus the self harm as they did. No wonder the school did not publish it in the news.

I ran into someone with a description as you.
To the-T. The doctors said the same thing to them.

Did they put you on an Antidepressant?
mistonmountains (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-10)
Hi AnneV,
Thanks for responding. I remember I was definitely under close scrutiny and monitoring by the hospital staff, even though they did their best to act as though I was just another young psychiatric patient undergoing a 'typical run-of-the-mill' psychotic episode due to stress from studying. I don't know if they were able to witness what I felt myself being able to do while under care inside the hospital facility (strange powers like being able to walk very fast, lift heavy things, scan through an informational pamphlet very quickly while also able to fully listen and understand to what someone else was saying to me). These 'powers', if I ever had them at all, are gone now.

I think what I went through was quite dangerous in that I was exploring this alone, naively unaware of the underlying Reality beyond this illusory physical world of mere appearances. I know I'll never be the same again, though I hope to find a fellow traveler of the Path, a teacher or master perhaps, who would help guide me towards greater Truths.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-09-09)
The doctors probably didn't sit you down with information and "release" details to you because they probably don't have any facts to release. Even if there were other students from campus with the same anomalies, what would the doctors know about that? They would not be able to explain it unless they thought it might be some type of chemical warfare that induced this type of response and condition. And once they checked your urine and probably your blood and saw no mind altering substances they had nothing to go on and had to let you go. If they truly thought you deranged you'd not be out now and not have been able to write this submission.

The unknown is always off limits to those in charge (clergy, government, doctors, counselors, etc.) because not knowing what's going on leaves them vulnerable to their position. Why are those in charge ignorant and have no answers? How can they help others if they themselves can't explain it? It's unsettling to them. This is no different than when I was a child and asking awkward questions about Catholicism to the church. Because they too had no answers I was told to not question, have faith and be quiet.

For better or for worse, you've now gone down the rabbit hole. You've now experienced what most people never do in their entire life. Once the mind is expanded like that, it's virtually impossible to reclaim thinking and habits of old. Some want to while others let their curiosity take them to new levels.

Thanks for sharing your really interesting life event.


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