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Chain Of Psychic Events In Storm


I was working in the county of Essex, England. I rented an old gatehouse lodge which was attached to an old mansion at my workplace. Built around a 100 years ago, the locals say it was on top of another site that was connected to the local church and monks.

While resting one day on my bed in the gatehouse a feeling washed over me that someone will be calling at my front door in exactly 2 minutes time. I waited and at that time, a 'Traveller' called asking for any old iron I didn't need, I explained I didn't have anything so he left.

A few days later a storm was forecast, so I decided to stay in watching television. The storm grew throughout the afternoon into the evening, at dusk I had a feeling someone wanted me to be outside in the storm. I walked and stood outside my front door, the wind was frighteningly strong with woodland debris of leaves and branches hitting me.

I felt I was asked to walk a short distance into a wooded area where I stopped and looked at 4 thin Beech trees. They were about 10 feet tall and were exactly in line pointing towards the old mansion. There was a strange feeling in my body as I saw not one leaf or branch was moving on these four trees. An impossibility I thought, so I walked right up to them and it was confirmed. In this wild loud storm all around me, with trees and bushes within arms length being blown and bent, these trees were totally immune to what was going on around them. Not one leaf was moving.

It was then I had one of the most powerful sensations to turn around to look behind me. I could see 'though not with my eyes', a spirit standing between me and the gatehouse on the lane. A short man, the outline not well defined was looking straight at me, I was very frightened at first but being fascinated as well, I stared back at him. I noticed he had no feet and didn't move. It was probably after staring at each other for a few minutes, I realised he was blocking my path back to the safety of my gatehouse. I spoke to this spirit stating I could see him and I meant no harm and hoped he wouldn't see me as a threat.

Because he remained motionless looking at me I decided to walk around him through the woods in a half circle and back into my home.

While in my home trying to make some sense of what had occurred, I noticed the storm was increasing in ferocity. I could hear debris and branches hitting the windows, roof and side of the building. It just didn't seem right how much noise it created. Not being sure that it was part of what had just happened outside, I found an empty cupboard where I hid and stayed until dawn. When I finally went out, it was calm and without any sensations.

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etrguy (4 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-12)
Thank you Anne. Trying to keep the original story short there is more to it.
From the local church to the nearby river is a tunnel that monks used to flee when their lives were threatened. This tunnel runs under the lane where I saw this spirit. I'm convinced it's his territory but don't understand why there were no feet.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-11-10)
What an experience! I wonder if this apparition is linked directly to the property. I think it a good thing that you let him know that no ill will was intended. I wouldn't be surprised if you had another visit.
Thanks for sharing,

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