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The first time I have ever experienced something, I never believed it myself. But, I was about 9.I remember just being over at my grandparents house. I was in one of the bedrooms with a cousin, I remember just us two laying down in a bed and saying how we were sleeping together that night and we were bestfriends. Out of no where the bed started shaking rapidly. We both just ran out of that room. We ended up just never speaking about it, even until this day. A few days after I had left my grandparents house. We received a call from my grandmother that my grandfather was sick. My grandfather had then passed always four days after that.

About 2 years have passed, it was just a normal night. I remember helping my mom fold laundry and she has asked me to get her some water. As soon as I walk out her room, it sounded like I had hit something metal as if it was almost chains and something hit me on my shoulder. It quickly turned into a bruise. I ran quick to my mom. She hear it, one of my younger sisters heard it and I. No one else in the house heard it. And this was a small house, so everything echoed.

We ended up moving out that house when I was about 14. One night I was just laying in my room with my little baby sister and at this time she's about 6. When out of no where something just punches me from under my bed three times. She wanted to run out but of course I tried to seem brave and not freak out.

Now I'm 23 and recently started seeing a black tall figure with long black fingers about twice. It has said somethings to me, which I cannot say of fear. But the only thing I see is half of it, like it doesn't want to fully reveal itself to me. I have recently had a horrible car accident, I lost consciousness for a good minutes. So bad everyone is surprised I'm still alive. Now I constantly just see this dark thing. But I know if I tell someone they won't believe me. And the few people that do know, just say it's because I have such mouth.

Please let me know I'm not crazy. I don't know what to do, but just keep all this to myself and I know there is more people out here that can relate.

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Bookee77 (1 stories) (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-24)
Well if you did just have a car accident recently it could be a hallucination due to head trauma or a concussion of some sort. However if that's not the case of kind of sounds like you had a light encounter with a demon. Demons prey on misery and depressed or stressed out people so try being more positive and see if anything changes of not then maybe it's not demonic related... I remember after my accident I hit my head pretty hard and like you described I say this fall all black figure only it looked like it had big black wings and it was partially hiding with half of him peeking out from my hallway. Not sure what it is but I told myself I was just seeing things due to the accident I couldn't bare the thought of it being a demon or even and Angel of death of reaper of something. Good luck I hope you can figure it out I still havent!

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