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Am I Gifted? I Call It 'opposite Vision'


I don't actually know when it started. But all I know is it has been always there. My 'opposite vision'. Well, I call it like that. I don't know how to verbalize it, but bear with me guys. I have never been able to share this to anybody, until my latest girlfriend/wifey/best friend. I told her I'm weird, and I've been seeing visions and I can prove it to her. It doesn't matter if she won't believe me. I just need to share this for the first time.

I have been seeing visions like for example, we are going to this biggest festival every March. March 9. I told my wifey, I saw my friends (streetdancers/competitors of the STREETDANCE COMPETITION) I saw them (out of nowhere in my mind) won again the first place, and I knew that they won't be the champs this time.

March 10, we've watched in live stream, but got cut off due to internet connection, so we didn't know who won. We slept that night and the next morning March 11, we checked our msgr and read the news from our common friends. They only got 2nd place. And I knew it already.

Another example, My friends and I took a civil service exam last yr, August. (my vision: I saw us rejoicing and being happy when the result came out 45days after seeing our names on the lists of passers.) and the next thing we knew, we all failed our exams. Non of us are listed on the passers. What is this sorcery called guys? There are a lot, minors or majors situations it would take time for me to write but please.

Can you enlighten me guys? It's like I will see a vision, and the opposite of that vision is what will happen in the reality. Am I the only one? Please help.

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TruthSeeker333 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-19)
Hi, don't know if youll get this late message but ill try to give my two cents on this.

I had what seemed a 'glimpse' of a parallel universe (thats what I though at first but still not sure) or a possible probable outcome possibility.

I was before a staircase and before going down I saw myself and felt a shock through my body (well you know wat it feel when a car come by you and you stop and notice it at the last second) and so I saw myself twist a foot in horror.

I experienced some 'glimpses' like that so my wild guess is its either a parallel universe version of you that you saw what they went through or you saw a possible future outcome.

You can always research aboug Akashic records its a library in the astral that's supposed to contain everthing from past, present and future.

Thats the possible way that psychics have their visions, prophecies, glimpses. It also said to contains other probable outcomes of each decisions and actions.

Also parallel universes might well exist as well but some stuff are beyond human mind. Maybe a proof of them would be Mandela Effect but nobody are sure what cause it anyways.

As multidimensional beings I think we can harness the potential of another parallel universe or outcome but we would need to change our thoughts and shift our emotions to more positive ones.

Like you are sure you win a gold medal for example. Try to feel how happy the you in that moment and try to harness the positive vibes with full intent.

Then once the vision finish try practicing it. Just envision in your mind every details that you remember in that vision. Just remember to reproduce every details that is needed to reproduce it as close as possible then infuse those visualizations with the how the you felt in the vision you had before.

Then to add more power to it if you can have good visualization and intent and emotions then say in yourself I will succeed at this exam and that all possible means will be available for me to get a high rate.

Another suggestion might be a forewarning from your spirit guides or angels telling you that to be more prepared before the event like study more for exam, the friends should have trained more. Seriously its weird that it connect to others than you.

But anyways I hope my answer will shed some light for some

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