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I'm feeling troubled today over a set of strange experiences I had yesterday. I have been doing a lot of self growth work and actively trying to expand my third eye and continue on my awakening journey. I can see some auras, but more often flashes of light, colored orbs and blobs, waves in the air among other things. I am trying to learn how to protect myself from picking up energy everywhere, it seems simple but I still struggle. This year I have acquired more anxiety than ever and I'm trying to balance and ground to help the dilemma.

So yesterday was a big storm day. In the afternoon I received a call from 0000000000 which I have taken to be a ghost call from a previous experience I had only one time. I answered and there was no one there, I honestly didn't think too much more of it until today.

We had a power outage, I'm staying with my aunt and uncle and they were extremely restless and I did what I could to bring peace to the situation but I found it hard to be around the anxiety so I retired to my room. I decided the lack of electricity and the candlelight I had set up created a good atmosphere to work on spirit connection and trying to see my spirit guides.

Before I laid down I was going to spray some sage but the bottle fell under the bed when I touched it and I decided not to bother.

There is this indigo light that has been with me since I started this journey. On several occasions it has flashed to red which confuses me because I assume indigo to be a loving color and red to be a warning color or more negative. Normally t is just indigo. Last night it did faintly flash red but I decided to ignore that because the indigo was prevalent. It looked over me, I called on angels and guides to protect me and light and love to surround me and to be connected to the earth as well as my higher self and source. I kind of pet it to feel the energy and my hand was tingly and then tight and the presence felt warm and I couldn't decipher if it was a good energy or not I was feeling but facing my fears has been my theme for the past few weeks so I decided to go with it. I felt the warmth on my face.

I could sense at least two presences, the blue one over me and one to the right of me standing on the floor. I went to sleep and had a terrible strange nightmare, I haven't had a nightmare in months and I have only had demonic nightmares several times in my life. This was different. I'll spare you the details of the first half of my nightmare because it's unrelated, basically it was strange and I was confused and lost and in the wrong place continuously and unsure of how I got there. I went to sleep in my dream, I was afraid and in a strange hotel. There was a dark figure across the way and I looked up and didn't know what to think. (In real life I have seen shadows that turned out to be good entities as well as bad so it differs) The shadow jumped on me and grabbed my legs, I started praying for protections it crawled up my chest and I felt the heaviness crushing down on my body, I screamed to be filled with light and love and like a lightning bubble the light pressed out of me and pushed it back. It dove on me again and started strangeling me. I felt it grip my through as it was crushing me so again I called on light energy and again the bubble pushed it off and I woke up terrified and burning hot.

I looked at the clock to see if it was 3 but it was 2:07am. It took a while to go back to sleep.

Today I feel drained in my solar plexus particularly. My whole being feels a bit off balance. I wasn't sure if it was a dream or an attack.

I came home from work and was talking to my aunt who believes in ghosts but does not know of the journey I'm on. She told me how she keeps hearing strange noises in the house. She hears footsteps. She said in the corner by her bed. The thing that threw me off, she said yesterday her rosary beads (she's very catholic) fell from her dresser. It reminded me of my sage falling, but the beads fell on their own. I also learned that my uncle could not sleep, he was cold from the lack of heat but was anxious and pacing the entire night until about 3am.

I don't know what to make of this. I feel like I should have been protected from calling on Angels and light energy. Maybe I was? Maybe the phone call was a warning? I'm not sure. Any advice or thoughts and opinions would be appreciated because I just don't know.

A little bit of extra information outside of this circumstance. My aunt is schizophrenic, so I don't normally try to communicate unless I have thoroughly protected my room in case she subconsciously invited any unwanted visitors.

Also! There is a ghost in the kitchen that does not move. I see his figure often in the doorway but it never moves. My dog barks and growls in its direction or even past it at the oddest time. We live on the edge of the woods and there is a friendly nature spirit in them with a green aura. (I have a picture) the house belonged to a member of a motorcycle gang in the 50s, he burnt it down and it was rebuilt in the same spot in the 70s. That's all I could find on the past but found it odd because I noticed the spirit first.

Thank you in advance for any advice and opinions.

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