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Psychic Dreams And Intuitions I Don't Know What To Do With?


Last week I had a vivid dream in which I went to visit a friend who I have not seen since the holidays. In the dream I went into the house and he told me they had recently been robbed. That they broke in via the living room window and what items they took. I then dreamed that I was seeing the robbery through the robber's eyes and that I was inside the house.

When I woke up I felt very strongly that this dream was true so I called my friend right away.

He told me that he had just been robbed two nights before and that all the details of my dream were correct. He was very surprised I would know this as he had hardly told anyone yet what had happened, just the police.

I then felt bad because before the dream I had a strong intuition that this would happen to him several weeks ago but I dismissed it as me being paranoid.

I have had psychic or telepathic dreams in the past but mostly about little things like I dreamed a friend of a friend (who I barely knew) was working in the building where I worked and then when I told him this he confirmed he had just that morning been told he had an interview at a company in the same building, he got the job.

My whole life I have had intuitions about people and things which turn out to be true, I say to people is that your grandmothers ring your wearing or your mum gave you that and they are shocked I knew but to me it just seems like a natural insight to have. Sometimes it is uncomfortable like knowing someone is doing something bad but having no proof just an intuition then when it all comes out I feel like I should have said or done something.

Also many years ago now I took part in a research study at a parapsychology unit in a local university doing something called the ganzfeld experiment which involved you being in a state of sensory deprivation and then being asked what you hear and see while a "sender" attempts to send you information about a video clip they are watching. I was able to describe the clip in great detail and the when I was given a selection of clips to choose from I immediately selected the correct clip.

After the study was over I received a letter from the researcher with the study results and a note saying that my results had been remarkable and that she would like to recruit me for further studies if possible. However after that initial study I started to experience frequent sleep paralysis and hypnogogic hallucinations which I don't know if they were paranormal or not but it put me off exploring any psychic ability I may have.

I think I might be sensitive or have some psychic ability but I will admit it does frighten me. I'd like to explore it if it could help people but in safe way. Any advice or insight into my experiences would be very happily received.

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Christisking (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-13)
You're kickass. Stay positive! Trust that God will answer all your questions. Just stay positive and confident. (Words from someone who is nowhere near as gifted as you) but no one else has attempted any advice so yeah.

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