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Senses Are Higher Than Usual


Lately me and a close friend of mine who I would say has very strong psychic abilities has been noticing that our physical senses have become much higher. I know for me I have been experiencing very painful sensory overload (it's like my body is just overwhelmed), sometimes it won't go away all night and it keeps me awake for hours and hours, it interferes with my functioning so badly that I couldn't possibly drive in that condition. For my friend, she has been seeing auras like she has never seen them before. For hours without even trying she can see the first layer of the aura clearly. Her and I have also been seeing energy flowing through everything; the air, walls, the floor (she thinks it might be the vibrations that were seeing). She also believes that something big is about to happen. I don't believe she means doomsday, just change. I tried communicating to my spirit guide about this but they did not give me any answers. I feel that something big is about to happen too, I feel as if I- or we are supposed to be doing something. I can't explain it. I feel as if I am trapped right now, no answers and no way of knowing what to do. All I know is that there is a lot of change coming, to everyone. I don't know if this is the right website but if anyone has any advice or would like to contact me privately my email is

If anyone has any insight please let me know! This has become a very stressful time for me and my friend and we would love it if someone could give us just a little insight!

Thank you all!

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AuntSunny (1 stories) (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-19)
I have the ability to talk to beings in my mind. My very first encounter I was so shocked by it I didn't say anything, I just listened. I almost had this sense that I was just meant to listen, not to be a part of. There were two voices arguing, one of an old man and one with a very deep raspy voice. I don't remember much of the conversation but the old man said that the end is sooner than I think. You said you don't think it's doomsday but perhaps something big is going to happen beforehand. I strongly feel like it's going to be in my lifetime as well. If you look at the state this world is in, it wouldn't surprise me. Much love ❤

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