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I Hate Knowing And Feeling Fear


I am 31 years old. I have been an empath since birth. My mom had a neurologist test my iq and eq. Iq was only 75 but my eq was 160. I have always known what a girl feels about me just by looking could tell what they're intentions and truth was by hearing their tone of voice and almost always knew when they were going to break up with me days or so before sometimes hours. Fast forward to 18 I had a suicide attempt, I was feeling so alone and mis understood that I took 77 pills to kill myself and woke up with adrenaline in my arm in the icu. I have since then had encounters with ufos twice, one when I was 19 my older friend mentioned how he sees these ufos sometimes and they basically were of white light and flew in a circle and disappeared 2 of them. I don't think it was anything else considering their trajectory and flight path plus the sincerity I felt from him when he spotted them. I saw another when I was 21 standing on a balcony at a house in AZ and I heard a magnetic sound very loud and deep fly by me what seemed like 3 or 4 seconds but a lifetime. After it was gone I instantly got more scared then I ever have in my life to the point where my bones chilled. I never been the same since. I ended up going to jail the next day because I was going to steal a car to go save my family from aliens. I spent 7 months astral traveling completely unaware of where I was and felt beings of good intention operate on my brain inter dimensional and nowsee a light crystal. I need guidance.

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