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Knowing When Someone Is Waling Near My House?


I don't know exactly what this is but I would be in my room let's say watching a video on youtube or something (I have a window next to my bed so I can see what's going on outside my house) and I would just automatically turn my head or just straight out peek out the window and watch a person walking doing their business. I might be crazy but it happens to me a lot... It's almost like an instinct? What surprises me it's the distance, they would be around 30 meters from my house but I can just sense them. I told this to my dad and he told me the same thing would happen to him when he was young. That's about it for that story... 1500 characters minimum? Whoah... Well I'm guessing I'm going to have to tell another story.

For some reason, I can't seem to forget this memory. It was just like any other day I was about to fall asleep when suddenly I saw a woman with a sort of angelic aura with her arms open looking at me but at the same time she wasn't, I believe she had a blindfold on. She was blonde, I saw all this with my eyes closed like I said when I was just about to fall asleep. At that time I was still in high school with really low self-esteem, I just wanted to be liked or loved so bad? (I have many people that love me and I know it... I know... Ungrateful at that time...) When I saw that woman I didn't fell in love because I knew that she was sort of unreachable? But she made me felt loved and I felt like as she was telling me " I am waiting for you". I know it sounds crazy... But there's something inside of me telling me I'm not crazy.

I have a sister who is also very spiritual and she would tell me that I am a Starseed (No idea what that is) I am also a life path 11 and a Pisces and I'm going crazyyyy

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