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Today I took my two kids out to dinner when we where leaving the restaurant I had seen something thought maybe my mind mind was playing tricks so I try and ignore it then I hear my first name I ignore it as as it's a fairly common first name then I hear my name again and feel a tug at my jacket my kids are in the car already and the voice says another name and now I'm utterly confused and then they tell me to tell them sorry and congratulations I ignore it and go home I look up the restaurant on Facebook and notice the name of my server and a post saying congratulations on your pregnancy so then I go on this girls page and find out her twin sister had died a year ago today to a drug overdose. And stuff like this happens to me all the time I have sensed dealth, pregnancy, and cancer in a few people before they even seen a doctor. And I've also seen something tragic happen days before it happens I see exactly what happens but not where or exact times they are almost like day dreams when it happens. Is this all coincidences or do I have some type of ability. This stuff sometimes makes me feel sad, anxious and even depressed and drained. The worst is where I live I keep hearing this voice calling for a female name I live in a historic town so I research the name and find out there was a massacre on the land I live on about 200 years ago that was followed out by the land owner he killed everyone including himself and the daughters remains were never found and it's the name I hear being called out by both female and male voices.

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black_wolf95 (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-28)
You possibly are more intune with your spiritual side since you can sense these things we all actually have the potential to do so that's also where the intuiton comes into play, but because we all focus on the physical so much that these abilities are never fully developed and they slowly fade away.

As for the voice calling it may be that these spirits are stuck due to unresolved issues or attachements that hold them there such as murder.

At the end of the day you decide what to do with these abilities you can ignore them and let them fade slowly or you can use them for something good.

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