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Unexplained And Traumatizing Night Experiences


Once again I find myself in a grave (for me) situation and is desperately needing your help and advice.

I guess I should start my story now.

I'm an empath, I found that out only a few weeks ago and I have happily accepted thefact that I can sense emotions. Our school is a very haunted place and i'm not that surprise if I suddenly felt an emotion or presence even when i'm alone, I used to see them when I was younger but not anymore.

Anyway, one time I enterred the auditorium for some practice for an upcoming event when I suddenly got this bad feeling and it centered on the lone piano at the side of the stage. That piano was said to be haunted I didn't believe it until I sensed that something was wrong with it. I felt pain, suffering, and malice exuding from that particular place so I would like to ask if being empath include sensing the emotions of a ghost or something similar?

Then here comes the REAL problem.

That night after that occurance I found myself laying down on my bed trying to sleep. I was staring at my second pillow when suddenly the image of that same piano in that same auditorium flashed in my head and I suddenly couldn't move. It felt as if someone was holding me down forcefully.

I struggled hard, I closed my eyes for concentration (which, looking back seemed to be the stupidest thing i've ever done) and I suddenly couldn't open them. My breathing was shallow as well, like my lungs couldn'get enough oxygen, I began panicking. Then I heard a woman's terrified scream and the image of the piano disappered into the black background before I found myself face to face with a man holding a gun in front of me. The man pulled the trigger and I heard a loud bang followed by more screaming. Then suddenly I was no longer in my body and I was FLOATING above my body, LOOKING at it. I saw a dark shillouette of a man holding me down then I was once back in my body, still gasping for air, then finally I could move again.

Then it happened again a week after that. Only about a couple nights ago.

I had the similar experience. Only thi stime without the freaky vision thingy. I was simply lying there when I couldn't move again. This time I knew bettr than to close my eyes and continued to struggle without closing them. But this time was worse than the previous one. I could still breathe, but less oxygen was entering my lungs, fewer than before.

When I could finally move I changed to another position and I didn't dare close my eyes, I was, perhaps, traumatized of the feeling similar to drowning, when once again I found myself in the same situation and this time I couldn't breathe at all. Itwas as if something was smothering me, preventing the air from reaching my lungs an di couldn't do anything but struggle for my freedom, again.

And so I would like to ask, what's going on? Was the feeling I felt on the auditorium real? Can I sense the emotions of non-human/animal beings? Whats's wrong with me? And how can I prevent this from happening again? I am now suffering from insomia, afraid of falling asleep only to wake up and find myself in that similar situation. And i'm scared. What if I can't fight back next time? What's going to happen to me? Please I really need help and I don't know what to do. Please someon e help me.

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