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Embracing My Empathy


My husband and I had a wonderful time this weekend. We visited a Spiritualist Camp on Saturday and it was nothing like I expected. I did get a clear cut answer on whether or not I am an Empath. I have noticed a lot more over the weekend that I was picking up on other people. For example, My husband and I were in the car heading to the camp and our car has been making this ticking noise. My husband turns off the radio to listen to it and when it was happening. When I got into the car I was excited and ready to go but after about 15 to 20 minutes, I started feeling down and worried. It took me all about 3 seconds to realize that it wasn't me. I turned to look at my husband and I could see it in his face, the worried look. Also, while we were at the camp, my husband and I started out by walking around just to get the feel of the place and to know where everything was at and most of the time, I got this uneasy feeling.

As soon as I walked away from him and started doing my own thing, I was happy and ready to find someone to talk to. I believe it was him again but I knew that he wouldn't be all too thrilled to be there but he put on a smiling face for me.

There is one more time, while we were out of the coast visiting. It was something that I didn't feel before, maybe I have, because it has a little bit of familiarity when I started thinking about it. My husband and I were at the pool of our friends house and it was just the three of us until a man came in the gate with this son.

The man sat under an umbrella blowing up the armies for the little boy. Once he was down the boy got into the water and started playing and his father stayed out and under the umbrella. I didn't notice anything until we were getting out the pool. This boy was about 20 feet from me and I only felt something when I looked at him. When I looked away it was gone. I tested it a few times to make sure but when I looked at him, I have a feeling of being lonely and wanting someone to play with. It made me feel a little sad. I know that part of that sadness was him and part of me missing my own boys since they were being watched over the weekend. But what hit me the most was that it only happened when I looked at the little boy.

I did notice last night, when we got home, that something in our house in influencing my feelings and this time I don't think it could be my father-in-law. He was awake when we got home but it was in not foul mood, I think his was more relieved and happy since we are finally home.

After getting in all of our stuff and getting the kids settled. I felt irritated and annoyed. It has been the same feeling that I've been getting the last couple of weeks. But I find it weird and unsettling that I slowly felt that way the more I was in the house. I has nothing to be irritated with or annoyed by since I just had a fantastic weekend and break from the kids. I have been thinking about cleansing the house since I purchased some sage at the camp, but my husband refuses to let me do while everyone is in the house. He does even want me to take to my kids about any of this. It bothers me but I agree with his on discussing it with the kids, for now. But I feel that this house needs to be cleansed or its just going to make me feel like that again and for a while I couldn't get away from it and that is NOT going to happen again.

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hug100 (126 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-18)
I think a cleansing is a great idea as well, you should defiantly talk to your family about it. To be honest if someone does not feel like doing it, they alone could cause the whole thing to back fire and then you would be no where it that terms. I have often done cleansing and I made the mistake once of have people around that didn't want it done, took me two more sessions to get the energies to be where I wanted. So for those who don't want to participate best suggestion is to shoo them out of the house for a while. I myself am an Empathy so I know how it feels. 😉

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