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My boyfriend keeps being troubled by these shadows. He sees them mostly at night while we are in bed. He says that the are just a dark blur not in a shape of a person or anything but more of a circle like an orb. He says sometimes he feels like he's being attacked by them. This is really starting to scare me.

A year ago we lived in an old farm house where we all, he, myself, my son, and our roommate, all experienced things we could not explain. While we lived in this house he had a horrible dream and was screaming like I have never herd a person scream in my life. I jumped on top of him and shook him as hard I as could for about 30 seconds before he woke and was terrified. He had a dream of a little girl under a chair and the closer he walked to her the more her form had changed into something dark and demonic when she grabbed him he began screaming. A few night passed and he had the same dream again but this time the demon was snorting like a pig and that's what I woke up to was him snorting like a hog. It was almost like he was snoring so loud he couldn't breath.

After that I believe with everything in me he was possessed. My happy go lucky partner had become very hostile and angry about everything. No one including friends could talk to him with out him flipping out and walking away. Even his eyes seemed darker and would at times cry and say he felt like something was inside of him. His attitude stayed pretty poor until we finally got the chance to move out of that house.

As soon as we moved into the home we are in now he was back to his normal rightful self. I had thought that it was in fact the house that was causing all his pain and anger. But now the nightmares and terrors are back. I usually awake to his heart racing and get him up before anything happens like the screaming from the one night.

The past 2 months the shadows follow him around the house and will not leave him be. Last night he jumped up while in the middle of a conversation and begun swinging his fists around trying to hit them and was telling them to leave him alone. I just am not sure what these things could be and what it is that we can do to get rid of them and find him some peace. Please if anyone has anything they thing it may be or things we could do let me know.

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MegMarie (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-23)
Thank you all so much for your help.
Allinbetween if you are able to find that prayer in relation with conception I would greatly appreciate it. Anything little thing helps and it would bring me a piece if mind.
Hug100 you said these things could be trying to warn him of something. Recently my love said out of the blue he was going to die soon and I needed to be ready for it. That these thing were here because he has to save someone? He said it was a kid and that he's never seen him before. I'm not sure if this was a dream he had or if it was something else but it really upset me. And that was all he said then he turned in for the night after getting extremly upset to the point that he cried (which is something iv only seen him do 2 other times ever) and the next morning I tried to talk to him about it and he didn't remember saying it or so he says.
He gets upset about talking about it so I don't push him. I just tell him he's loved and that I'm there for him no matter what. And that this darkness isn't going to beat him because I see the light in him. And I won't let IT win.
As for our past when these things started happening there was a night I was alone and something happen that I can only describe as the most terrified iv ever been in my life to the point I had a panic attack and almost passed out from not breathing. He rushed home and called "IT" out running throught the whole house cursing it for attacking me like it had. He is my protector and whe he's unable to protect it angers him as well as frightens him even though he don't show it. But how are you supposed to protect your family from things not all can see. I feel him calling it out and cursing at it may have made it more attached to him but I don't know I probaly sound crazy.
hug100 (126 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-18)
allinbetween is right you shouldn't connect the two, unless there is solid prof that it the spirits doing so. If in fact the spirits are behind these attacks you can try cleansing the house and your boyfriend with sage and prayer. This is a very effective method of removing any unwanted and/or harmful spirits. To be truthful with my own experiences I have had dark and light spirits around me often an while the most aggressive spirits are usually dark they aren't always. Which leads me to my next point some spirits are often trying to warn you when danger is around the spirits that aren't aggressive may be trying to send the warning, which for me is often received as a dream. This could also be what's happening to him if these spirits were around when you moved in as well. It also could be as others have suggested that some condition is causing the nightmares as well. I also get the feeling that he did something to cause the aggressive spirit to try and attack him and quite possibly try and track him from the farm house to current. I have had this happen to me only once before and that was because of an argument between me and the spirit that was try to start a fight with me to begin with. Try a cleansing it should work. Ps if you can not get sage or someone is by chance allergic to it you can use sandalwood in its place. If you need more info on cleansing rituals I can help you with that.
allinbetween (56 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-17)
Hi MegMarie, I wouldn't connect the dark shapes and the nightmares. It might be unrelated.

The dark shapes aren't random things that can appear to anyone. Something has happened in your boyfriend's past to invite this energy. You didn't give us much info about him. Maybe something weighs on his conscience, or he has practiced rituals improperly. The rituals could be either religious, magical or something like energy absorption. It's hard to determine what is happening without knowing his background. There is a specific prayer for cases where evil energy interferes with child conception. I'll see if I can find it. Technically most prayers should dispel dark energy, if they don't the person reciting it is at fault. In such cases it could be preferable to have a cleansing or prayer done by an expert.

About the nightmares, they aren't necessarily related to dark energy. Sometimes while we sleep and enter REM our body might be in a painful or uncomfortable position. But if the brain enters the REM state our limbs go into a type of paralysis so we don't feel the pain. Therefore if the mind detects that we need to move because circulation is improper for example, it can create a scary nightmare to force us to wake up so we'll move our limbs. Also there is a condition called sleep apnea. People who have this, experience instances during sleep where they stop breathing. They also tend to snore quite a bit. 😆 This makes for very uncomfortable sleep where the person doesn't get enough oxygen, and they can't rest properly. Long-term it can cause much fatigue. It's something to look into because there's help for it & if your boyfriend isn't sleeping well, fatigue can make spiritual attacks harder to handle, and not resting = temper issues. The way you described the nightmares I thought of apnea, or physical causes, though it could be related to those dark things, I'm not sure. Take care.:)
stone2thabone (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-17)

Ive had the samethings bothering me for like two years. They seem to only appear when your feeling energized. I get the sense they feed off of that, and will do anything to make you look their way. Such as constantly peep around a door, move back and fourth quick, etc. Just to get you look their way. I believe the human body admits energy through the eyes, so the more you stare their way or give them attention. The stronger they'll get. But just for the one night, day etc. So tell your husband to dl whagever he can to keep his mind off them. I see ones with green eyes here. They almost look like two green laser pointers flying along the wall, when I catch a quick glimps. But yeah Ignore...

Hope it helps. I haven't really been bothered for a couple months now
jodenx12 (70 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-15)
yes it is very possible that they can effect your child and as for a prayer, I can personally write a special prayer for you that will be specific to your situation but I would like to send it to you through email unless you would like it posted on here. 😊
MegMarie (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-15)
Any particular prayer you have in mind? He does from time to time say one I believe is to St. Michael. A cleansing of our home would be nice and I think it would ease him knowing that its done.
Also this is kind of off topic but all of this started the very same week as we decided we wanted a family together and starting trying to have a baby. It just worries me that these dark entities may have something to do with us not yet being able. Or if I did end up with child soon if they would effect me as well as the child once born.
jodenx12 (70 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-15)
Well what these dark orbs can be are either two things, demons or souls of devils. The fact is that there is something evil following him around, but with that happening it only means that they know something special about him and for that to be said he is capable of seeing them in that form. Some suggestions I can give you to protect yourselves is prayer, learning how to clense negative energy, and creating energy shields around yourself. If none of this helps or something even more drastic happens, please email me and I will do whatever possible to help protect you guys 😊
darkassassin92 (1 stories) (215 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-15)
Kinda off topic I read that demons are impersonating ghost. I know demons can impersonate ghost. If the human spirit is real can the person chose to stay on earth and avoid like hell or heaven?

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