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Is This A Sign?


I am on this spiritual journey to find out more about myself and my natural abilites. I seem to have come a long way but still unsure of what my natural abilities are. I feel like there is something there. My friends have been wanting to talk to me for often than usual about personal things and I have new people you are also looking to me for advice and guidance and it is getting overwhelming. I seem to giving them what they need to hear and do and the answers sometimes just flow out of me with out even realizing. But, lately, my big problem is that all the spiritual stuff is becoming a distraction for me and my school work is suffering. I find myself going over to friends house for study sessions but there is no motivation to anything of the sort. I would much rather research information about crystals and meditation and things like that, then doing a 78 page workbook for one of my classes. For instance, I am writing this now instead of working on homework that is due later today. A part of me feels guilty that I should be doing this work since my grade depends on it but the other half (which screams louder than the other) says, "you don't need this".

Could this be a sign that there is more out there for me than going to college for the career that I thought I wanted? I have been second guessing myself a lot lately, if this is something is still want to do. I feel that I have a lot to offer the world and as soon as the topic comes up about spirituality, crystals, meditation, or anything connected, that's what I want to do. I want to talk about it, play with my tarot cards, and get other people's perspective of it.

It is just all overwhelming because I know that if I continue with this degree, I can get a good job that can support my family and my husband would be able to stop working and go to school for what he wants to do.

I just need some guidance on this because I feel like I am stuck. I don't know what direction I want to go in. Everytime I look for answers the my tarot cards or penglium, I seem to have no luck or the answers I am givin just don't feel right. I may be over reacting but, I just don't know what to do.

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Lilmomma24 (6 stories) (18 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-13)
My apologizes for the delay in my reply. It's been a hectic few weeks for me. Just finished my finals and my car decides to not work and now we have to replace the engine. YAY! LOL. But I am staying positive. There has been some headway on my situation for school. I didn't get the grades that I needed to not retake one class but I am okay with that. I've decided to slow down next semester and not take as many classes. I have been talking with a friend of mine who has helped me on this spiritual path and who has recently started her own and together we want to start a meditation club at our school. I feel that is something that I must do and what has been weighing on me this whole semester. I don't know if it was a vision but that night before last, during meditation, I just keep thinking and seeing us in front of a group of people, taking about mediation, natural organic foods, and the health benefits of them both and various other things. There was just something about it that felt right. Maybe this is the spiritual thing that I need to get through college and to have people who are interested and going through it as well would be a blessing for all involved. I am pretty excited about it but there is also a lot of work that it will entail for both of us just to get it started. I look forward to hearing any insight about this or suggestions that may help bring this "vision" to life. Thank you all for your support as well.
Reneemichelle (1 stories) (25 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-05)
Hi, my name is Renee and am new to this site. I am 45 and have had many spiritual/psychic experiences in my life. One thing I've learned for sure is that your heart will never lie to you. What's happening is that you need to get out of your head because your head will argue with you, will tell you to go to the left then the right etc. Also never listen to outside influences about what you should do etc. The answer is inside of you, in your heart. Many blessings to you Renee
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2013-12-03)
You are certainly not alone in your predicament of making hard choices about a career. Society places much more emphasis on hard sciences like math, engineering, programming, etc., but much less on what I call soft sciences like art and metaphysics.

Whenever it comes to a decision, I love to say that wherever we are walking, we're going to get where we are headed, whether or not we're happy about it. I'll share some examples. Let's say a person really wants to lose weight but they love watching tv and eating potato chips more. So they keep talking about losing weight but their actions are going to lead them to contradictory results. In your case, if you keep "walking" on the path of not doing your homework, being unfocused with studies and all that, you're going to get to the path of bad grades and not the good job you reference in your own words. You'll get to the end of the path you're walking on, regardless of the words coming out of your mouth to family and friends.

Why not pursue a metaphysical career? Who says you cannot? This is your life. Your kids will grow and eventually have their own life and your husband can still do what he wants (night school for example) and you'll also be a happier mom and wife, which benefits everyone. If you obviously were sprung on your current path, no one could get in your way, but you're not. But a metaphysical career takes just as much work as any other career. You might have to make changes like your diet (what we eat affects our filter, which affects our psychic senses), you might have to delve deeper into meditation, learn about chakras, kundalini, auras, take classes from gifted psychics who offer them, learn remote viewing, etc., etc. Any truly good person in this area will always find work. Just like a person who truly loves art. They too have to go to school, find a niche, and become an expert in their field.

It is okay to change your mind about what you're doing. Most people have an average of three careers in their lifetime. I personally am on number three myself, and it has nothing to do with the first two. So, like you, I'm having to start from square one and go for it. If I can do it, you can too. It sounds to me that you like helping people with advice. Maybe a spiritual/metaphysical counselor of sorts? No matter which metaphysical path you choose though (should you chose, that is), you still have to develop the underlying foundation, which is making sure your filter is absolutely light and clear, that you fully understand the mechanics of how all this works and to practice until you are very good. This is a universal truth, unless you're just born with the thinnest of veils, for all of us.

Best of luck to you in whatever path you decide to take!
Lilmomma24 (6 stories) (18 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-03)
What are should I be looking for? I don't exactly know what my abilities are. What would be the best route as far as learning more about what I have? I do need to manage my time more, especially with my day to day tasks. Organization, I don't know why, is something that I haven't been able to grasp at this moment, LOL. I appreciate your response and I have very thankful to have found this site and the ability to communicate with people who doesn't think what I do or believe is so far fetched. I have a month off from school, so I would like to take that time to be able to find out more and train myself to have more control of things before I go back, because it has been a struggle.
AniokNitya (guest)
10 years ago (2013-12-02)
This is where a lot of people get stuck.
As a guardian I would suggest you train yourself on managing your time and use your time on researching on the things that are necessary, Crystals and things of suck nature will only bring you so far. Once you understand the true meaning of your gifts and what power we all hold, you will find deep inside your purpose. Do not try to everything all at once, there are many out there who want to hurt you and your family and developing your gifts and not being able to maintain and train them, Evil could turn them against you. If you have any questions that you feel the answers will be vital to you being able to relax and clear your mind contact me.

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