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A Sign From Back To The Future?


I lost my wife on July 28, 2014, just a month shy of our ninth anniversary. She had been fighting a rare bone cancer in her spine for two years and had been through chemo, radiation, two spinal fusion surgeries, countless extra hospital trips for blood transfusions, bone marrow stimulant shots, infections, etc. It was a grueling two years, where the stress gave me both a DVT blood clot in my leg and a heart attack a week after she was buried. She actually died from complications resulting from the chemotherapy not the least of which was "minor" (according to the doctor) heart damage.

I haven't had any lucid dreams, no apparitions, nothing like that, but I have gotten a few "signs" that I believe are too much to be a mere coincidence and I also get "vibes" from a couple of objects associated with her. And last but not least there is one occasion where there was a series of small noises that I will go into detail about here.

The first "sign" I got happened on Labor Day this year. I was driving with my mom down a state road (Rte 34) along side the Housatonic River in Conn. In the "Valley" region of the State. We passed a restaurant called The Lake House which was one of my wife's favorite summer places as we passed the restaurant I was talking to my mom about how my wife loved 80s music, 80s TV shows and 80s movies - especially Back to the Future, which was her favorite movie of all time (my wife was a famous radio DJ in CT for over 20 years and had an online 80s show) As we were talking about Back to the Future and I was describing the movie to my mom who hadn't seen the movie, something told me to turn up onto Rte 188 which is in a really woodsy area and well off the beaten path. My mom looked at me astounded: "Why did you turn onto this road?" she asked. "I don't know" was my reply. A few seconds later, what comes down the road passing by us in the opposite lane? A DeLorean! Probably among the more rare of sports cars not too many around. A DeLorean just "happened" to be cruising down 188 in CT a few moments after something in my gut told me to turn down that road.

If I had not made the turn, I would not have seen the car. My mom didn't understand my reaction, again she hadn't seen the movie nor does she know what a DeLorean is. So I explained: "Mom! That's IT, that is the car from the movie!" She was like, oh go on... And I said, Mom, really, that was a DeLorean, they didn't make too many of them. She then had a moment of realization, blessed herself and prayed.

The next "signs" if I can call them that might seem more mundane but I believe are significant. My wife was quite the collector of Coca-Cola memorabilia. When she worked at the radio station (Star 99. 9 FM in CT) her office was completely themed in Coca Cola items, clocks, prints, napkin holders, etc. Well, one day I was at a car repair shop around the corner from the cemetery where she is buried and I was looking out the window waiting for a co-worker to pick me up as my car was in the shop and lo and behold, this Coca Cola tractor trailer had trouble making a turn onto the road from another road, it took a while for the driver to maneuver the truck and the big red trailer with huge Coca Cola logo was in my face.

Since that episode, I have had maybe another six to ten times where I am thinking about my wife while driving, and voila, a Coca Cola truck passes me or runs across my line of sight, like going across a bridge I am driving under. I know this sounds mundane and probably just well, now you're more aware, etc. But I don't think so, because of the way these events happen. Also with the DeLorean sighting, I posted this on Facebook to my friends and of course some commented I was blessed, this was a sign, etc. I got a private message from a friend of hers who had worked with her in radio for years. He said to me: "This morning, something told me to wear my Back to Future Tee shirt, it's an old ratty shirt and I didn't think anything of it then when I read what you experienced!"

The third phenomenon that happens to me and this might just be my own sensitivity but, she died a month after my birthday. So I put the birthday card she gave me - the last card she ever gave me in a tiny basket that she would use to leave me Valentine's or Easter candy in, along with my Bridgeport Hospital Care Partner ID tag and whenever I touch the card, I shudder and a "charge" goes through me every time. Same thing happens with a ceramic unicorn on a mantle in the corner of the bedroom hallway.

The last thing that happened was about three weeks ago. I was upstairs in my bedroom, sad, crying, thinking about her and I heard this tiny little "tink" noise. It was a succession of three. "Tink-tink-tink". Evenly spaced. It came from above and behind me and I was sitting on the edge of my bed and looked over my shoulder up at the ceiling lights/fan and realized- OMG - the pull chain had been pulled because it was wobbling, dangling and the knob of it would have to have been lifted about six to eight inches UP in a 90-degree arc in order for the finger knob to contact the rim of the glass light - which is what happened. There are two pull chains. One for the light, another for the fan. The fan was off, there was no breeze in the room nor did I hit the chain. I was sitting. I would have to be standing by the bed lifting my hands up deliberately in order to bump the chain at all. And the sound was evenly spaced in tempo: "Tink - tink - tink" barely touching the rim of the glass light bulb shroud or shade. I stood up, looked at the wobbling chain with my mouth open and felt a warm, relaxing, loving presence. I quietly reached out with my fingers and stopped the wobbling. Then, I slowly lifted the chain from the knob end and raised it to the rim of the glass and sure enough, I reproduced the "tink" sound. I immediately made the sign of the Cross, blessed myself and prayed.

These are my experiences thus far after the passing of my wife and are as true as can be. Any thoughts, input, explanation, insight is welcome. Thank you.

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Hecate0 (152 posts)
7 years ago (2015-01-01)
And perhaps check to see if Coke was one of its sponsors? Hecate
Hecate0 (152 posts)
7 years ago (2015-01-01)
Mine are noisy, too. And clutzy, as well. And they play for a bit when they do, so being asleep in the next room also adds food for thought. Maybe there was something about the cartoon-show episode you might want to investigate. I think stations, even IMDB keeps track of which episode aired, sometimes with synopses. She still may have had a message for you.
looking4answers66 (2 stories) (3 posts)
7 years ago (2015-01-01)
Hecate0: I am more inclined to believe now one of the cats did it. There was nothing special on, the channel had simply changed from 8 (where I like to wake up to news and weather) to 9 with some dumb "Family Guy" style cartoon (something of that genre) when I woke up to use the bathroom between 2:30 and 3:00 am this morning. The tv itself was on an upper ledge of the computer desk and the remote was on a lower level, on the monitor stand. I did press the button without picking up the remote and yes, it did work. So it is plausible that a cat may have just stepped on the channel change button and that is the most likely explanation. However, the cats are rarely so quiet, although they may have been this time... They do often make a lot of noise, rustling papers, knocking over flashlights, pushing pens to the floor, etc. The only thing that made this experience questionable was the fact that nothing was out of place, there was no noise and both cats were sleeping in another room. Who knows, maybe it happened earlier while I was sleeping. There is no way to really know. I'll go with cats for now. Certainly NOT the case when my ceiling fan/light chain lifted by itself three times causing a "tink-tink-tink" noise a few weeks ago as I described in my "Back to the Future" post. Thank you for chiming in and making me think about this more. This is precisely the type of feedback I want.
Hecate0 (152 posts)
7 years ago (2015-01-01)
Hi Lookingforanswers66. Is there anything special about that station, or was there something noteworthy on when you woke up and noticed it had changed? If not, I am more inclined to like your cat theory. Mine step on remotes and keyboards quite often. My son can become quite incensed to find his computer quite different than how he had left it. I think the signs related to her interests are compelling.
looking4answers66 (2 stories) (3 posts)
7 years ago (2015-01-01)
I had one more experience, last night over New Year's Eve. I went to bed around 10:30 pm and slept through the ushering in of 2015. I had a TV on in bedroom and fell asleep having left the set on Channel 8 (WTNH). I woke at 2:30-3:00 am and realized the channel had changed to 9 (VPN). I got up, used the bathroom, walked back into the room, scratched my head wondering how that could've happened. The remote was placed on a computer table and had not been touched. I do have two cats and they sometimes jump up onto the computer table and knock stuff off like pens, etc. But this remote hadn't moved or been touched. Thoughts?
WordsAreMeaningless (19 posts)
7 years ago (2014-12-30)
I don't have a doubt that your wife is leaving signs and that you are picking up on her energy, still with you. It's beautiful. I'm crying just thinking about this because I know you must miss her dearly and I'm so sorry for your loss.

I hope it is not out of turn to say, but of course what your wife is revealing to you as best as she can is that death is not the end. She still exists, though it is not on our physical plane. I am sure her intention is to comfort you and show you love.
looking4answers66 (2 stories) (3 posts)
7 years ago (2014-12-30)
Thank you, AnneV. After my dad passed away in 2006, I did have a few lucid dreams of him. I haven't had that experience with the passing of my wife, but I believe these simple experiences are significant. I would be interested to hear others' input and experiences. Thank you again.
AnneV (4 stories) (1063 posts) mod
7 years ago (2014-12-29)
I am so sorry for your loss. I have no doubt that all those occurrences are signs in one form or another from your wife. Hopefully they will help in the healing process, knowing that she's still there with you on a spiritual level and that your separation is only temporary.

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