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Tv Channel Changed Overnight


This is an experience in addition to the "Back to the Future" experience I posted a few days ago. Please refer back to that for background. Again, my wife had passed away on July 28, 2014 after a two year battle with cancer (actually a result of the damage from the aggressive chemotherapy she was receiving). I also posted this as a comment to my original story, but after some thought I believe it is appropriate to post as a whole new experience.

Again, I've not had any lucid dreams, no apparitions, anything that spectacular. I just get a series of "signs" as described in my earlier entry. This experience with the television channel inexplicably changing overnight has me bewildered. It wasn't scary, it was odd. I guess it is possible one of my two cats jumped up on the computer table and stepped on the remote button and just happened to hit the channel change button, but to my knowledge whenever one of the cats jumps up on that table, they cause quite a ruckus and knock stuff off the table. Nothing was out of place.

I went to bed last night over New Year's Eve. I went to bed around 10:30 pm and slept through the ushering in of 2015. I had a TV on in bedroom and fell asleep having left the set on Channel 8 (WTNH). I woke at 2:30-3:00 am and realized the channel had changed to 9 (VPN). I got up, used the bathroom, walked back into the room, scratched my head wondering how that could've happened. The remote was placed on a computer table and had not been touched. I do have two cats and they sometimes jump up onto the computer table and knock stuff off like pens, etc. But this remote hadn't moved or been touched. Neither one of my two cats was in the room at the time. Thoughts?

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