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I'm a woman. I'm very ill. Regular medicine has no cure for me. I need help from another channel.

I had and have some strange experiences of which I will tell a couple. I'm looking for a real gifted person who can controll his/her talents and really help other people with it by explaining the messages and giving me some valuable answers. I don't know what to do with those things and they don't help me with my life neither, just give more questions.

As a child I had premonitions. Once as a toddler I went backwards. I knew the truck would back and my mother couldn't tear me and my little brother both away. So I jumped away and directly after I had done that the truck backed and my mother had to pull my brother from his little bike and leap away. The chauffeur of the truck hadn't seen us.

As a teenager I dreamt of a cat. Next day, a lawyer who is an acquaintance of my mother, rings unexpectedly and asks if we will take this cat that always comes looking for food in the garbage of her office. We had already two cats and decided to go see her. It was exactly the one I had dreamt about. We took her home with us.

Later on our navigation system led us to a certain place, although we needed to be in the centre of that city. It happened several times. Much later I found out that a druid lived at this address. I went there, but it didn't help; she couln't cure me neither.

Due to my illness I have severe hair loss. Sometimes at night there is a voice which is no voice. This time it told me my hairloss would stop tomorrow. Next day this really happened. But I don't know what's the use of this message, since some time later it started again.

My insuline was way too elevated. The next day they would do a blood test. That night the "voice" told me the insuline would have dropped. Later on, when we got the lab results the insuline rate had totally dropped.

It also happened twice lately that the TV started playing without anyone touching it; every time in the same programme which was about a subject the "voice" had spoken to me about earlier.

I hope to find this rare person who is able and willing to help. I thank you with whole my heart if you 're the one that might save me.

You can contact me personally at tessa025 at

Hope to hear from you.

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