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My Abilities And What Has Changed


As a small child I had a few "weird" things happen to me. I would look at my grandmother's old photo albums and get strange feelings. Felling that included sadness, anger, nervousness and the like.

Going in to my preteens, I started to get a lot of deja vu. When I got a little older, I started to recognize that my dreams would come true. The first dream in particular I remember to come true was very simple. I was walking and talking with three friends on a bridge. The next day I happened to get deja vu and realized everything was the same, the conversation, the friends and the positions of us walking. Well, everything except that we were on a street instead of the bridge.

Once in high school I experienced a "shared" dream. I had only found this out after I met my boyfriend, now husband, after high school ended. I told my boyfriend about a dream I had that included me meeting a boy a little older than me. In this dream, we end up going to his house to hang out. In the room there was a metal bunk bed. He shared the room with his brothers, one dark hair and one blond, who were closer to my age. After I told him, he said to me that I had described his bed and brothers. He then said that he thinks he remembered that "experience" too.

After I was out of high school, I moved into my boyfriends apartment. We had a roommate. A little after that, I received a parrot. Which had a big cage. I had wanted to place him in a different spot in the home so he could feel included. Unfortunately, the only place I could think of was in front of the fireplace. Our roommate wanted to use it so I didn't ask. That night I dreamed about moving the cage around in different places to find a good spot for it. I had tried about four places and looked at my roommate who was on the couch. He then was about to say something, but I woke up. That day I ended up moving the cage around. I didn't realize it was the same as the dream until I looked at my roommate and he said, "go ahead and put it in front of the fire place."

About a year after the parrot and roommate situation, my boyfriend and I got our own apartment. We ended up becoming good friends with our neighbors. One day I was laying in bed bored. I though, 'I wonder what she (neighbor) is doing right now?' Just then I heard a man's voice say what sounded to be a lunch order, shrimp and something else. I then decided I'd see if she was home. Her roommate answered and told me she was at work. She worked at Red Lobster.

Five years later, or a couple of years ago, my boyfriend and I went to a New Years Eve party with some friends. We didn't know the host of the party, but our friends did. I had just got paid that day and cashed my check on the way over. So I had about 400 dollars on me. After being there for a few minutes, I start to feel uneasy or nervous. So I hid my money in my bra. As the night progressed, the feeling wouldn't go away. A few hours go by, then there's a knock on the door. The host let's in a guy. When my eyes fell on him the feeling became out of control. My husband picked up that something was wrong. So we left. I found out later, that the guy that made me feel worse, had robbed the host and remaining guests at gunpoint.

Now I have noticed more things about myself. I can feel whatever my husband feels so clearly that it clouds my own feelings sometimes. I get feelings and urges that are right most of the time. For example, I can tell my husband if he'll be able to reach specific people on the phone, or when something will be missing before I even go to retrieve it. I have also started using tarot and have had only success with it. One day I hope to learn what I am fully capable of.

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