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Premonitions Of The Second American Depression


I wanted to share some former and future information about the state of America and its people. I am what I call a guesser, some think I am precognate, I am not sure, I do know I have been having premonitions in dreams starting this year as well as waking premonitions.

Former premonitions: Five years in advance to the 2009 housing crisis I predicted that millions would loose their homes, that the people buying modern homes or even older homes in this decade, where unable to afford them and that they would all one after another loose them like dominoes falling in a line. This premonition came to me while walking down a sidewalk in my home town in a newer section of the small town I live in. On that street I saw dozens of new built homes. Knowing the prices of modern homes of that nature from seeing the average in the paper, about $250,000.00. I knew there was no way the people of our little town could possibly afford these homes for long. The real average income (not the fake ones you see that the government puts out) is about $20,000.00, or under not even close to what's needed to afford a home considering taxes, food costs, gas costs, maintenance, medical care costs, etc. I knew these new homes where going to be the only options available because these people, who ever built them, weren't building modest affordable homes only luxury homes. It was then I saw it all; the for sale signs in all the cities everywhere, and all the people homeless. This would have been in about 2004.

Another premonition: Before the elections for President in 2009, I predicted Obama would win, keep in mind I did not support Obama. I also predicted Obama will be assassinated while president, and that another assassination attempt would take place before hand, however the assassin would not succeed. Obama did win which is not at all surprising but there was a man arrested for an attempted assignation on Obama weeks after he was elected. I believe Obama will die by gun shot assassination while President.

Future Premonitions: I see the people and they are rioting, I see food riots, anger at the local and state governments and also the federal government. The government is prepared, they will use the military and Marshall law, however the people will protest. People will begin stealing and raiding food vendors. Also I believe Americans in large cities may also be detained somewhere such as camps while the government figures out what to do. I see the military begin loosing stability as the soldiers struggle between loyalty to country and loyalty to their people. We will see a huge decline in re-enlistment and enlistment for the Army in the next five years as more soldiers refuse to leave their families and work for little pay and little benefits.

I also see a sudden increase of American outrage and intolerance brewing against illegal aliens especially the Mexicans, but also the Canadians and other smaller groups of illegal aliens over jobs. I see also the loose of 80-90 % of local small businesses and also the loss of corporate businesses as the people stop spending. Cable providers will loose millions of customers, and so too will companies which charge membership fees, or monthly fees. Fast food restaurants will soar in profits because the food is cheaper than grocery food. I also see the people stopping paying for benefits like 401.k, life insurance, car insurance and medical insurance.

I also see legal complaints and suits about forced Universal healthcare, and the fining and eventually imprisonment of people for inability to pay or refusal to pay.

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Meldel (2 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-15)
So Obama survived his stay in the whitehouse. And left everything in turmoil?
arcangel (1 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-12)
Small business are shutting down in an increasing fashion. Currently there are several law suits in many states pertaining to the unconstitutional Universal Health Care Bill. The Military is loosing funding and military personel are being laid-off.
NaturalScience (229 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-07)
All Americans still having a bit of money PLEASE go ahead and buy one of the houses for sale - but not just a house, there should be an acre of land with it on which potatoes, corn, and so on can grow. Everyone of you who is NOT living in a city but in the rural "outback" when the turmoil begins will be relatively safe. This I tell you (though being a German) in the name of your U.S. WiseMen, Henry David Thoreau and Helen and Scott Nearing, and in the name of the great teacher for the whole world of to-day, Mahatma Gandhi. Also in the name of Moses. Leave the slavery of Egypt, people of God, and build up something new! The turmoil will be a big chance for all who see it this way, as the old Gospel song says: "Wade in the water children - God's going to trouble the water."
Rashidah (guest)
13 years ago (2010-12-06)
This can be possible that The States can go through this again looking at how the world's economy is declining.

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