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The Mirror's Replacement Is Dreams


Since my last entry, I have rid myself of the mirror. Not much has happened for the first few weeks. Recently however, I have started to get unexplained bruises in places that should never get bruises. With that there have been random scratches, a couple have formed a small scar. Now these things may be explainable cause maybe I'm getting hurt when I least know it (or I don't even feel it at first). Now I am getting things that I have never had before. I've been having nightmares that keep me from waking up ever since I replaced the mirror. I'll talk about three most disturbing dreams I've had in the past few months. The first dream I shall speak of was the first one of them. It's strange that I remember these in detail, to the point where it seems like a story. I hope someone may be able to decipher these dreams.

The only thing strange that happened this particular night (since I've had the dream before but not to this extent) before I went to sleep was that I randomly passed out for about 2 hours and woke up, still clutching my cell phone and in a sitting position.


There was a war where a league of elite fighters was being brought together to try and end the war, but some of them had been persuaded to go to the enemy lines. Many people were caught between the battles and killed. It did not matter who. There were children left to die and/or suffer through their parents being killed before their eyes. This was the life that some people had to live through. In other places not so.

There was a small place that was calm and everything was green. They were celebrating some kind of festival. Kids were out playing many games and even a baseball game. There was an abandoned house, presumably to have been inhabited by a widower who killed his wife.

It was quiet and peaceful then all that ended as the army front moved onto the scene, killing those in site. Several teens ran into the abandoned house and stayed there, listening to all the blood curdling screams of adults, children, and babies. (now this is the part where I could normally wake myself up)

After a while the teens slowly dispersed and wandered the building, seeing what was there and where to sleep. After that, strange things began to happen. One by one the teens disappeared and those who didn't said they saw a crazy lady figure inside the house screaming for a child. Soon only two were left in the house. A deranged brunette girl who liked to scare things and a sweet blonde girl, who looked like my friend Kristina in real life, who didn't do anything bad. They wandered the hallways and rooms until the brunette found something strange.

They stayed together despite their differences through the days and weeks. They kept getting attacked by a mist like substance that was a scarlet red color. It would scream at them, "HOW DARE YOU TAKE HER! HOW DARE YOU KILL HER! NOW I'LL KILL YOU!" This continued for a while until it finally manifested completely. It was a redheaded woman in a blue dress with dark Blue eyes.

The two teens were in a hallway, the blonde girl was combing her hair when the redhead spirit attacked the brunette. The teen struggled and somehow got the backed into a corner down the hall. The teen smiled a deranged smile and crept towards the spirit saying, "I will send you to hell. Oh just wait I will harm you worse than you have done to me." The spirit was scared and shouted, "GIVE ME SOPHIE BACK! GIVE ME MY BABY BACK!" The brunette stopped and pointed to the blonde. "That is your child." The spirit looked at the girl and proceeded towards her.

The Blonde had never seen the spirit but had been enveloped in it's arms. The girl's skin melted away as she let out a scream and her bones fell to ashes.


Now this was a strange dream and it wouldn't let me wake up at all no matter how hard I struggled. As soon as I saw the Blonde girl look like my friend Kristina, I got a bit freaked out. Even more so that a few years ago she told me she had a baby cousin that was born named Sophie. This didn't occur to me until she came up to me a few days after this dream and told me how Sophie was doing before she moved.

Now this next one's really short, but a little background information on it. In spring my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now me and mother don't get along so I would always get angry at her and say, "You're going to get cancer and die." Well then one night I woke up at 2 am from this dream.


It started with my mother's death. (no she did not die in real life) I was at school during the time when she was taken to the hospital. She had collapsed but upon arrival at the hospital she was pronounced dead. My grandparents called the school to tell me that my mother had died. Well the secretary called my History teacher and told him to tell me. He looked at me with a smile and said, " your mother died" After that we had her funeral then I fell to sleep in the middle of it.

I woke up crying and it seemed so real that I went into my mother's room crying and woke her up, just to see if she was alive.


Now then this last one I had Thanksgiving night. If you have read Birdzgoboom's story about her dream and the figures, this has to do with that. It kept me in the dream and scared me so bad that I woke up crying, shaking, and my heart was going insane (I have several heart defects so its a bad thing for my heart to do that). Now a lot of things didn't make sense and I know this, especially since I'm taking an Astronomy class and know that these things are impossible to happen. I told Ri (Birdz) about it, and it took over an hour for her to calm me down. It was strange to say the least in the beginning


There was a sweepstake for two normal everyday citizens to go into space. Ri and another person entered the sweepstakes and they were both chosen. She didn't tell me about going, which would be odd for her cause we constantly communicate and let each other know at least a week ahead of time before something happens or we do something. I had thought that she had been kidnapped or something of the sort. I spent two years looking for her when she finally came back. When she came back there was already a party ready and waiting for her. Everyone but me knew about her winning.

She had changed a great amount whiles up in space. Her hair grew more golden and down to her hips. Her eyes became a deep blue. Her skin became fairer and her curves had grown bigger. She seemed to stay very close to Chris (the other winner). She wouldn't so much as give me a fleeting glance.

I soon found out what had happened. The figure had taken over her and changed her completely, made her have sex with Chris, and had a baby fathered by Chris. The child however had died. This drove me desperate to know why she signed up to go, what exactly happened, and if she had fallen for Chris truly.

I managed to get her attention away from Chris but she got angry with me. Storms started to form as a white wing had sprouted from her back, her eyes grew fiercer She stabbed me and as I was there dying she stood over my body as I finally died, and said with a smile, "I never cared about you. It was all an illusion just so I could get what I wanted. I'm glad I killed you. You were worthless and pitiful. No one will miss you."


I woke up extremely startled, shaking in fear and worry. I could feel on my physical body where I had been stabbed in the dream. It felt like my soul was stabbed. Apparently my mom, grandma, grandpa, and my aunt all tried to wake me but I didn't even budge. I normally wake up around 10-10:30. I didn't wake until almost noon. The only time that ever happens is if I was hospitalized the night before or if I'm deathly sick.

Another strange thing is that they say if you die in a dream, something bad will happen to you in real life in the near future. It is rare for me to not have a dream where I don't die. Could this mean something is going to happen or am I just being to superstitious?

Thank you for your Time

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Death-InTheEnd (guest)
13 years ago (2011-02-07)
[at] Rashidah

It's alright. The dreams don't occur as often anymore but now other things are happening that I'm not sure if they are spirit related or not. I'll update soon
Rashidah (guest)
13 years ago (2011-01-14)
I am so sorry that I am now reading this story. I hope everything is alright with you now dear.

I believe that the mirror may have had a negative entity that came out of it. Even though you have replaced the mirror, the entity may have latched unto you.

Please keep updating if you are still on this site.

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