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Fairytales Mirror The Spiritual World


Some archetypes in old stories or fictive figures in movies and tales are a way for the human mind to channel the spiritual world messages into creativity. Then an illusion, a fictive story is said to be a product of the human imagination only.

But the levels of a sensitive subconscious can pick up messages and contact with energy from other levels in this Universe.

In general, most people want to be sane. Very few want to voluntarily take a role of a nutcase in ones surrounding community -unless in wish to provoke, naturally. It is a basic human emotional need to adjust oneself into ones social environment. Our way to express things our mind displays to us as imaginative ideas, monsters, creatures and fictive entities, is to categorize the visions "as only of the imagination."

Of course, many times this is the case. But in other times it is how the spiritual world gives us messages, that our analytic thinking does not connect with. We cannot always analyze what we see and know. Psychics know this well.

I call the Earth the Physical Spiritual Level. Our body and language are unique for us humans. When we receive messages into our mind from other entities in the universe, they might not share our language at all. They might not have any physical body or any physical being. They can be only of energy and still have a need to connect with us. Psychics are sensitive to some of these entities.

When I hear stories of elves, watch the Lord of the Rings, see old Disney cartoons or such, in their scripts I see so many familiar energy forms. The little angels, the holy beings, figures that appear as light only. The half demons and the oddities between two worlds. The list is long.

I good tale is loving and inspiring, creative. Even if the writer, the so-called creator of the story, would not be a very spiritual wish, they can still as human beings receive those many energy levels in how entities connect with people. And if the story writer is a spiritual person, he or she has been wise to set seen vision into a story or fiction to share it in.

The human brain and body have not all been researched yet. In my view, we are able as human beings to receive many kinds of information, which is not in words or physical forms at all.

Energy is the key.

When spiritual beings - in whatever form they appear in - connect with people, I think it happens for one of three reasons:

1. They have some message to give or deliver, 2.They want to help or to be helped somehow, 3.We have in our own spiritual development reached the level in which they connect in and just happen to meet them in the figure appearing to us.

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Symbol-of-the-dragon (4 stories) (68 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-24)
Very true, I agree! I'm sure you've heard of Joseph Campbell? But don't you wish spirits would make more sense? I understand that we're supposed to figure things out for our selves, but they make things so unclear that you can't even begin to find the tools to find the answer... Maybe they can only operate through certain thoughts and things already in our minds to create their message?
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-03-21)
This is such a nicely written way of expressing the conduit of we (or 'wee') humans receiving subtle realm energies. I couldn't agree more. It's always been my hunch that folklore and tales of old were probably more factual than we realize. I think on this earth alone (not to mention the layers and distance within our own galaxy) there are a myriad of energies that blend and meld with our own. I had a personal experience that very much relates to this. I think because of my profound love of nature in all its form, I was given a gift by what I'd call a gnome. During meditation, my third eye opened up and I saw in perfect clarity a gnome sipping something out of a teacup. He was the quintessential looking gnome (I now chuckle when I see the cheap reproductions in stores). The environment looked sub earth (dark, brown, earthy). He said to me, "Look at the lottery for seven days and it will be like looking at paper." So of course I did as instructed, and sure enough, on the seventh day, I astral projected, asked to see the numbers and there they popped, just like looking at paper.

I think gnomes, fairies, elves, Undines, whatever you want to label these subtle realm creatures, have personalities and attachments just like us. I think they help those who genuinely resonate with them. I also think they can be mischievous, playful, curious and well, a lot like us! But what I don't think they are is the darker side of some humans; murderous, filled with rage, and disrespectful to their environment. I'm sure those types do exist (the 'demons' also present in our ancient literature) but I think etheric earth-dwellers are more humble.

Thanks for sharing such a neat post.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-21)
Sini42 I agree with what you have written.

As for myself the Archtypes have been spirits.
One such spirit was from the Amazon forest.
He work is a sucking doctor.
He is able to pull out energy/or spirit out from
An individual during healing.

A hypnotherpist was working with the same patient
At the same time. I had seen a monkey leave her.

After the session the patient said she felt this leave
Her exactly what I had seen.

This is how the Archtypes have worked with myself.

Possibly others can list their to help people know
They are seeing and working with them.


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