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Parasite Cleansed After Years Of Its Dominance


Stories of seven years bad karma can be quite true. A week ago a lovely psychic helped me to cleanse my home. It seemed, that for years there had been a large parasite spirit above my home ground in my life. It had come in by riding a man, who was my spouse then. Sometimes negative entities use weakness in people as their tool to ride along. The poor man is not to blame, he was used by a forceful entity.

Weakness. What is human weakness? It is not sadness or isolation, inadequate emotions, I feel. I see it more as inability to decide the main track of life in the long run. Responsibility in spirit. That is something, that also many old spiritual traditions emphasize on. Buddhism teaches the understanding of individual spiritual role in actions and thoughts in ones time. Native American spirituality notes human as part of larger content of nature and surrounding etc. In my country, old shamanistic history is still in our energy.

This negative entity, that came into my aura, was on a mission to try and recruited my spirit to their aims. This happens often to psychics in our world. It also displays to me the fact, that even I already am strong as psychic, still these not-for-human-energy entities thought recruited was a possibility. It was for my learning, but so many years I felt true agony and sadness in my life by many events, that came across when not even looking for bad encounters or taking risks.

Parasite Cleansed After Years Of Its Dominance

What happens to a healer who has been recruited to the side of these one-sort-demon-spirits? Negative thoughts, that pound in the head for years can be a start. And lead to negative actions, which cannot be taken away. If one takes that step to act negatively against others and the same time in heart wishing to do so, the recruited has been done to some level.

I have been for years practicing methods for kindness, but this entity was so powerful, that it penetrated into my aura. The larger universe contained it. We are humans and the universe has many energy forms. We need to choose the human path and never this energy in these spirits. I never did any bad action because of this happened, but I had negative thinking and not enough love for myself. Feeling of worthlessness is a negative mode, which can lead to bad choices in the long run. The bad spirits want us to not feel love.

This event tells me also of my capacity now to heal. A large possibility for the loveliest healing life is also true, since this force wanted my energy. It may also be a spiritual, but complex hologram sent by my guides to make me grow.

I was cleansed from a horrible test. Even I can see so much, I did not understand why for years so much bad luck, misfortune and unkind experiences did occur. But the same time of this dark-buddie-trial, I also gained huge steps in opening the third eye, healing people and going through a lovely metamorphosis. Pain can show us love.

Please never fear what the universe holds and do not let this frighten you. Put this story into its role. You protect yourself by choosing love. Love yourself with authentic value for the self, love life, love to help and to heal.

This universal love is already enough, if love for someone else is not in deep form there yet. If you did not get love from your surroundings, learn it in this lifetime. It is the medicine for a good human spiritual life.

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Sini42 (15 stories) (17 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-17)
Thank you,PathR,very useful answer. Today I have received many kind responses and they all feel like gifts. All will assist me forward, yours always good.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-17)
Sini I just think this world is simple and can be
Complex in its working. The reality is we share
This physical plane with other types of energies.
I have found as we grow physically and spiritually.
There are seasons we shedding the old self.
The old self: is our conditioned responses.
Other times,Volnerable: we suffer loss, feel depressed and our energy body is not strong.

A different scenario is feeling something after
Interacting with a person whom uses drugs/alchol or
Involved in exercism and does not use protection and
Is very prideful. Some of these individuals can have
A spirit and pass that along if we are vulnerable.

Its when we were fine and then do not feel ourself
That we should say, "if this is not mine I send it
To creator/God/universe to be healed with love/light.
Indicators of attachment:
Loss of phyical energy
Change in normal behavior
Obsessive thoughts, or feelings

Individuals whom are healers, mediums, counseler, tarot reader,
Therapists,massage therapist, crystal healers, teachers,
Nurses. All have a higher risk of encuring an attachments.

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