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Spiritual Attack Cause Fatigue To A Healer


Connection to spirits is logical. They have clear rules and motives. You can trust a spirit to be at their true core, no matter what kind of a spirit it is. They have their own mission and purpose. Even a spirit would not serve humans interest or would seem as a 'bad' spirit in our eyes, they still operate under their own core. As in the physical world a lion kills for food, the same way some spirits function to their own inner self in the things which humans see as not serving the good. I won't go into writing of different spirits nature in this text as such. Other spirits do communicate with people. And there are those to which people's awareness cannot relate to.

In this text I would like to share thoughts of people.

I am a healer and an artist. Painting opens third eye even more. Creativity works around the kundalini energy. When I do a reading or paint, nothing is missing. Channelling is as if being carried within protection of higher spirits. Then I am the mail delivery person in-between. Nothing is to be taken for granted, but the higher spirit can be always trusted in their wish to open love awareness. This role as the intermediator between a soul and the Universe must always be clear to a psychic.

The life in-between readings and high-quality moments of meditation is my challenge.

My healers heart feels hurt, grief - and even loss of will to live - when I experience years of people's behaviour to each other and to me. As looking at crowds walking, awareness of the society, politics and how it functions open up into my minds eye. I feel emotions under it all. The effect of actions inside people's core. When you observe these situations in the hundreds all over, then may come a feeling of overwhelment of life. A deep sadness and almost narcolepsia kind of fatigue takes over me at moments. This experience has done a good thing in the way that I can help those healers who feel same feelings.

The human spirit is both physical and spiritual at the same time.

The non-physical spirits may have been once in the physical world, but the non-physical laws are less irrational than actions on Earth can be. As writing this I unconditionally love the higher planes and understand their nature.

Even I shield into protection, I have been severely attacked by envy and will to compete in the last years within my home city.

There was last year a spiritual attack from within the medical system and bureaucracy so that three psychics near me were misguided with information channelled to them about my situation then. Naturally, I do not 100% follow what others instruct due to this risk. But the skilled form of this attack to misguide these wise and heart-felt great old healers regarding my health hurt me in its abstract ability to penetrate into an emotional area which one would see as sacred. That is how spiritual attacks can work: they try to break trust, give disinformation and try to lead you into actions that have destrucive or self-destructive results.

The head aches to my third eye still hurt bad. I one day realized that someone had tried to block my crown a couple of years back. So I then went to see a pranic healer and she found a shield having had been set on my crown and an entity placed on third eye. These can be cleaned. Still it hurts that some factors want to do this to me. I know who it was and I work to accept their core. My spiritual will and heart is love. When this has now happened several times, I feel a deep sadness and often ask for guidance from God to open my heart into deeper wisdom. By writing here the word God, I wish all those who have a different view in spirituality to feel no provocation or aim from me to try and sell my views. My motive to write this is to share and wish to hear your thoughts about it.

Spiritual attacks have been targeted to my spouses and their behavior/communication to me, to my health, to my financies, to peace at home and many areas no matter how much I know love as love. I also know my reincarnation and that these attacks test, make me grow into my full core. I just feel overexhaustion because I am human and I wish to live a normal human life.

I know this is just how things are. With what I see, some factors fear I will tell. But their fear makes them see possible threat for exposing them totally wrong. I will never cross the free will laws of Universe. They are their own people and I do not intervene with free will. I am a healer who tries to help, not to expose. This attack to my crown happened, was fixed and the person who did it, has left me alone. They were afraid then, but since I did nothing of what they feared, they know I am a healer of love now. This experience was unfair and unnecessary.

Thank you for your kindness to read this.

Bless you and thank you for your blessing my way too - today it comes at a good moment.

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pm3000 (2 stories) (14 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-22)
This has been happening to me - health and wealth for a few years now. How do you protect yourself or reverse the bad energy? Thanks.
Sini42 (15 stories) (17 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-29)
There is a lot of good information on many free YouTube- videos. I feel this one of spiritual attachments was quite good:

This particular speaker made me think more on how a social environment effects on how we are exposed to a possible entity impact because of the things we live inside.

I believe too, that people (under the influence of media and pressure from the society) can in groups under extreme stress be connected to a spiritual attachment hold-on easier than in an environment, that is more free from noise stress, pollution, pressure with work and education and from the demands of the society or culture. These pressures can increase with the the Fall 2016 and the time can be quite challenging with world economics situation across the West.

The more stress, especially emotional kind dealing with security issues or home, finance and health, the more surface for attachements to get ground.

A kind word of caution here too that please choose the videos from only pure sources and pure-on-path- speakers.

I hope I was able to express this in kind will in the right words. My native language is not English, but I wish to express my thoughts correctly with it.

Love enables us to look at the truth of things and our times. We can talk of even difficult topics as healers, but it is important what we aim to achieve with the communication.

In this video on this link are some things not easy, but the speaker aims to help. The information he intro's is free to listen to, so no aim to sell anything here.
YumeShinigami (guest)
8 years ago (2016-07-11)
I feel like my thoughts are being attacked. No one can seem to find anything wrong with me though, but there not in my body, i'v been looking for answers for a long time. Either my spiritual gifts arn't fully developed or there blocked to a certain extent. I would love some insight on what's going on with me. I'm glad your not being spiritually attacked anymore.
Sini42 (15 stories) (17 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-06)
Thank you, Lauterb, for the web page link info too, I will look into it.
Sini42 (15 stories) (17 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-06)
Thank you, PathR, your texts are always of high-quality and wisdom.
Sini42 (15 stories) (17 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-06)
Thank you Lauterb for your interesting thoughts. Environments also have different spiritual grounds and that is a good thing about the globe. Different spiritual connections when country changes during travels etc. In Spain, the hotel room was filled with very vivid, moving spirits that had intensity. In London, the room had inspired spirits. When I walk on cliffs in Scandinavia, I feel the nature's spirits all over. Some reincarnations have even come in groups to certain areas. If we walk on the street and we are attacked physically by someone, can we stay directly that a possible attack comes only from one motives world and with one form to happen? A similar attack causing similar effects can come from many reasons by an attacker. Without any ill aim, I must open up to fill in this discussion that in my culture, envy is deep in the living people. Envy can be totally off the wall, with no true-reason grounds for it, but it just is. If I speak to an audience of 30-40 people, after might feel an attack even two weeks have gone from the moment. The ability or intention of a persons wish for another is immensly strong. The human spirit is strong also in the valuable protection from higher spirits because human is sentient being. So this way attacks can be, but seldom a more severe thing. I have many times been protected so that things happened fast, but something prevented the accidents. I value all comments here and am grateful you gave time to share your thoughts.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-05)
To all, thank you Lauterb- I found the material interesting published 1986 The Spirits Book.

The UK had Helen Blauatsky 1831 to 1981 and Alice Baily 1880 to 1949.

The USA had Jane Roberts from 1929 to 1984 who channeled the work of Seth. She wrote of an Entity that plagued her and had her group channel healing and protection to her physical body.

I have to say for new comers the law of attraction is always referred to as a Law that Like thoughts attract the same physically or spiritually. Cited in 38 and in no 56 through 58:
The Book of Spirits refers to.

But I did not see a citing by the Spirits book of what the Bible says of Job who was tested, nor Genesis when Jacob wrestling an Angel for his reward. Nor a quote in the book of James a Testing of our Faith trials.

I believe these writings are ok. But we each have different paths a one size does not happen to each individual. I only think if that were the perfect solution men and women would be doing that 24/7. On a personal note. I have never been able to understand the concept of summoning spirits at ones own command. But that's just my little mind. I do not have all the answers and want to keep learning until I die. This just my observation and hope I am not sounding like a wet noodle. I am only adding my opinion as I found the subject interesting. I apologize in advance as I have not intended to undermine any one. My apology if sounds unkind. No intention meant.
lauterb (110 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-04)
Dear Sini42

I think you are not seeing the big picture; you just lost an important point.

Imagine that I have an enemy in my real life, after his death, he will continue to be my enemy and now they can chase me without me realizing it. Then I seek for help from Sini42, he helps me while disrupts the revenge from this spirit. This spirit goes after Sini42 so it does not help me more and not disrupt their plans.

Every time you do some good for other people some "bad" (I truly call them ignorant spirits) spirits fell molested in their plans, only with prey and moral elevation you can be fully protect against those atacks.

You can read more how it works in these books:


Good reading!
Sini42 (15 stories) (17 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-30)
Hello Boson,

Thank you for your comment and this is quite normal for many healers to think the same as you ask.

This is the same phenomenon as would be a physical attack on a kind person on a street. Sometimes kindness or a heart-felt will for others can even provoke attacks. Buddhists speak of "demonist connections" when those who are not on the path might be aggressive towards one who is. Our reincarnation has a lot to do with this too. I help some people who try to improve a few hurtful things going on in my society. Those good aims do not serve all factors needs. We need to in my view as healers see that protection can help a lot, but then there are other things also effecting. One time was a big spirit around me, which was brought in by a near person and this spirit was not from human world at all. They can think differently than anything in people's vision. We are luckyly never alone. A good back-up team helping us is good too. Thank you for your message and I wish you a nice summer. Sini
Boson (179 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-28)
Hi Sini42,

Sorry to hear about your spiritual attacks. But there is something that confuses me about your story. You said that you practice spiritual protection and yet you are attacked. There is something about that statement that I cannot understand because with proper protection you should have a solid protection and no spirit of bad nature should be able to penetrate your protection. Maybe there is something about your story that I misinterpreted.


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