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A Feeling To Pass On Prior Ones Time Can Be Channelling


Word "the afterlife" or "death" spook people sometimes. When people do die, they are in Western cultures taken away by the ambulance or other authorities quite soon. Death is not a part of commonly seen things, apart from in movies and on TV.

To pass on is a part of this journey at its meant time. We are born and we at some point, pass on. Death should not be provoked or speeded up in any way. Self-destructive lifestyles are a sign of our times and is a misunderstanding.

Many old people pass on earlier than should, some from own effect. As being old, the reason for their passing on is not always checked up on. I hear of some tired old people wanting to go, because they feel in these hectic times they cannot follow up with the speed of changes and the rising hardness of values.

I have met several spiritual workers, who have told of a wish to pass on when they see and channel a lot of emotional pain. They could have channeled changes in our times with such a sensitivity, that the thought of going from Earth has risen under impulses of the things going on in the World now. A person, who has the ability to leave their body and return, but remembering the trip, knows the difference between the Earth and other awareness levels with the same consciousness. So if emotional conditions in our times become extreme and painfully large, a healer can channel emotions of wanting to pass on prior ones meant time.

So if you are a spiritual worker, do not worry of such thoughts. It is quite common. When those emotions are adapted with impulses of suffering around, it can feel as if that thought to leave as a better choice, is your own. It is usually not. It is channeling build-up of masses of impulses of emotions and political events piled up in these times.

For a healer, it is highly important to separate own emotions and what is channeled from the outside. When a person is empathetic and sensitive, one can feel it as ones own feeling. I live near an area of political pressure. This experience is one I also have felt. After discussing it with many healers, they told of similar darkness emotions coming into their heart too. We are people. One person is small under huge changes coming upon from political and global levels. We may have high skills to see over borders, but our emotions are still a one humans emotions.

Passing on is a taboo to speak openly about. The body and the consciousness form a unit. We are meant to be here as in a human life form and to live this life from day one to its natural or meant to be end.

Emotions to leave prior to ones time can occur even to the most wisest healer. When they do, almost always so from an effect of something being channeled as an abstract information mixed into emotional depth of sorrow.

So please, as sensitive or empathetic people, never consider leaving Earth before your time.

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Sini42 (15 stories) (17 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-27)
Hello Ekoja and I agree with many things you write, especially: "I believe in universal energy and the consciousness that is stored within our spirit". This is a wide topic in general. There has been many especially young psychics here having thoughts to get out. Some have tried to numb emotional pain. I think it is even a little help to express the thought, that emotions to want to pass on prior to ones time can be channelled more than actually own emotions. This might help, I wish, and I feel has here in this near area of mine, when have been talking to psychics about it. One referred to have been liberated from "darkness". PathR wrote very wisely, that it is important for us to choose our circle of people. I believe that many healers, psychics, mediums - which ever word we use to define a light-worker - suffer as feeling the wibes from the soon up-coming political changes. And travelling or change of surrounding can be good too. When I am in another country, the pressure to sense deep loss is not as strong. If a psychic is in a war-threat area, it is hard to stay immune to the non-physical things felt from around. It would be nice Ekoja to hear more of your thoughts in general and of our times, so please write more if you feel so.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-23)
As thhe affect of light and dark progress.
I believe re this Topic as sensatives/psychics we can get together with like minded people and support each other by changing meditation techniques which can help with renewing ourselves. Also within that circle if throw around the idea of producing a book or articles. As this is a process to give knowledge. Now is the Time.

My concern is all the seeds of understanding will disappear as money and jobs will be hard to come by.
As is the process in US.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-22)
Sini42 I do agree that as a Healer we sense many things

I think many people sense the shift as they see their way of life vanishing due to politics.

Your words are correct sadness can affect us as we are human.

It is also important to choose our circle of people.
As this can have dyer consequences.
TheBeyonder (4 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-18)
Hello my name is Ekoja.
You do not define the meaning of the word "healer or "healing". I am a healer and I use no meditative procedure doing so. I have a medical condition called medical stigmata where I was born with the hands to heal. I (as a healer) do not have to perform any type of ritual or wish to occur. I believe in universal energy and the consciousness that is stored within our spirit. Death should not be spoken of in an intriguing fashion. We as humans die eventually and it is inevitable. Our bodies become unresponsive and our organs begin to fail. No human has ever not died. No animal has ever not died. Evolution is entwined with nature and nature kills. There has been no formula or manual for an eternal.
There are too many topics for me to discuss so can you please simplify your cause of questions and rephrase your undetermined outcome.

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