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I Wrote Down The Enochian Alphabet, But Never Saw It Before


I am a skeptic person (was), I only believe in things that is provable so I don't believe in any religion or God, or myths. But after the things I experienced, I think it would be ignorance to think everything is like what it seems. I have been ignoring what's happening, because it was driving me crazy. I chose to only believe in certain things, it helped me a lot. I have a normal life. But weird stuff started to happening again and reminded me the past. I feel sick, terrified, obsessive all the time, just like I did in the past. But this time, I won't ignore, I have to know what all of these mean. I am open to any opinion, actually I'm in a condition that I can get every opinion as a fact.

Anyway, everything has started 4 years ago, when I discovered I could find the location of anything. When I think about a person, city, anything, I could just feel them. I managed this over and over again, I didn't fail a single time. I was 13, and as you can imagine, I was living the best thing that can ever happen to a kid. I had a superpower, I was a freaking superhero. I shared it with my friends, we used to team up to play hide and seek, beat all of our opponents to get free ice cream.

Unfortunately, as I grew older, this effected me negatively. I thought "that kind of power exists, but nobody know about it". Was somebody hunting people like me? I was so afraid. My gift's existence was the proof that everything could be real. Ghosts, demons, monsters, curses... The life itself could just be a delusion. This uncertainty was driving me crazy, I got OCD, anxiety, major depression, and this constant fear. I needed rules. I needed certainty. So I ignored what I experienced and moved on... Until now. I had a personal project last year. I was trying to create an whole new language (new alphabet, new grammar). I made up some letters, wrote them down, and started to place them randomly in order to modify a bit later to create a pattern, but I cancelled it later (laziness). Couple hours ago, when I was researching about a group of people called "wiccan", I saw a picture of symbols. When I opened the link I learned that it's an alphabet called "Enochian". The thing is, the letters I made up for my project last year, were exactly the same as the ones on this enochian alphabet. Not similar, same. I didn't know about these symbols back then, even if I did, that's impossible that I could remember them this accurate.

So, please write your opinions about what I experienced at the past, and this Enochian incident. Thanks.

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holdyourbreath (6 stories) (38 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-05)
Read about remote viewing, this sounds like you! Just read an article on this site that defines remote viewing and it sounds like what you experience. Hope this helps, some times it is hard to know what to look for.
holdyourbreath (6 stories) (38 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-05)
I also agree illness can be adapted from our abilities, I have recently come to realize much of the reason I struggled with anxiety and depression a lot of my life is because of my abilities, not understanding what it is about because people don't talk about this stuff in regular conversation everyday. If it affects you everyday though it will take its toll on you. My advice is to keep asking questions and learning about what you are capable of. That is why I am on this site, makes me feel better to be able to read experiences like yours and relate even if you are half way around he world. Don't let others shame you for using your power, it's yours to use and you would know best what it is intended to be used for! Don't hide from it, it will always be there, embrace it!
dreamer01 (24 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-31)
i feel relieved to hear that someone else has written a language only to find out it already existed.
I still a bit mystified as why or how I started drawing inuit language without prior knowledge. 😊
Nightingale (145 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-23)
Hello johndoe123,
I have had similar experiences with having located things at will. It is a gift and a skill. Personally, I believe there is a way to use this to help others someday. Also, I imagine that the more you get the hang ofbit, the more fun you will have. Be careful not to drain yourself, but I would encourage you to practice. Learn from your experiences and do not be ashamed to use them (even if for now that must be done without others knowing). Your gift is a part of you and is okay.
People may fear us, but people fear anything different or that they cannot understand easily. We must continue to peacefully figure out what we can do and how, and I believe that someday it will be safe for us to contribute to society as psychics.
I too have been given languages that I did not understand at the time. It it wonderful that you were able to identify the one you saw.
Explore and discover,
JJ1995 (guest)
9 years ago (2015-08-19)
Illnesses can be adapted from our abilities, I suffered depression and OCD badly as a child, my mother had my abilities repressed by a psychic at the age of 7, but now I suffer with feelings of loss. I am working on being opened back up but learning about being able to close myself too. I would love to discuss with you, perhaps you would be able to explore your ability comfortably if you could close mind off from it after?
TheBeyonder (4 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-18)
Hello my name is Ekoja.
This is a humorous case of 'The Butterfly Effect' and you abused your ability greatly. This is not a superpower or any kind of mythical speciality. I too remote view. As a child I was never egotistical with my ability. I knew why I had this ability and why everything had led up to this. This world is not a comic book and we are not super heroes. You experience the hunger and mistreat your ability and you will suffer the consequences as the years go on. Obviously now you have found some sense and discussed this ability in the right place. From one psychic to another I suggest you use your ability for the better, like helping the police find missing people or something, The depression and OCD is nothing to do with your ability. You cannot adapt illnesses from your ability. That is a blatant excuse to try and protect the pride of your ability. I do believe in the future psychics will be hunted and genetically tested. We will be discriminated and portrayed as terror-like individuals. Your ability should never have been used to play "Hide and seek" and that is the consequence of the present. If you were truly given this ability you should use it for the good.

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