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Clarity Is Trusting The Greater Awarenesses In Spirit


Free will. Number one rule protected by all psychics, who work with pure attentions.

Free will is a wide and abstract spiritual law. It means being aware of its anchor role in psychic work and when choosing how to put into words channeled information. Free wills spiritual law also takes in regard those, who are not there, when a reading takes place. Free will and universal love are in this way like siblings. With neither can a one person alone command what free will or love can be.

The ability to see has been given to serve and to guide towards love.

In a reading, a good psychic can feel the true hearts needs of person asking. A question must be made, before looking is allowed, but all gossiping is forbidden. A reading with a pure-hearted psychic, who follows these rules of the Spiritual World, has always some love to give to a person coming for a reading.

Chögyam Trungpa was a Buddhist monk, who became a hippie to adapt himself into his time. In the end, he died early, but shared a great teaching of recognizing spiritual materialism blended into spiritual practice. An example of this can be, that someone coming for a reading can have expectations or ego's needs for results. Trungpa's book "Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism" is a good, universal guide for purity in spiritual practice. Buddhists do not support psychic readings as such. In my view, all that does good and from love, is always good for us. I am a psychic, but also a Buddhist. I accept the Buddhists will not to be near me, if I choose to do psychic work. So far I have helped at least 100 people to be happier. So I also must listen to my heart about this too.

For a psychic, it is important to listen to the true question the heart is asking. Words are one, but the heart is the truth. A psychic must be all the time aware of being a channeller and not owning anything one sees. David Wilcock's book "The Source Field Investigations" is another good guide to express the nature of the great source.

In many cultures, same contents are expressed in different symbolic ways. The Indian spiritual traditions have similarities with some Asian spirituality and old Finnish tribal beliefs to nature's gods have common things with the Buddhists values. This list is long.

As much as there are similarities in old spiritual cultures coming from different places, there are also deep differences in beliefs and views. In my opinion, spiritual variety is how humanity was meant by higher Creator. But no aim to turn anyone into my view in this essee. I am here trying to bring across the value of variety in spiritual thinking. Merely by only sharing what we have found as great in spirituality, we give, learn and receive. So please do not feel discomfort, if my views differ from readers own.

There a old meditations methods to open connection to the higher awareness. Some would call these spirits angels, spirit guides, guru spirits or God. Any fear of ghosts or demons is not necessary. As being human, our ability to open up to higher awareness with love potential and ability to make us grow is already there. Fears are a misunderstanding, because we need to truly fear only the non-kind actions by some living.

Along free will goes the ability to choose. If psychics see something coming across, the ability to choose differently can change that outcome. That is what people can do. We are a physical and non-physical, spiritual life-form. We have the ability to move, speak, look, feel and express. If one sense is gone, still many are there.

Emotions and honesty are a key to open a more wider connection to higher beings, who never leave us without their protective shelter.

Most people become interesting, when they open up what their heart is truly feeling. Somehow our times are getting harder in the way, that a psychic or a priest can perhaps be the only person someone opens up to.

I personally feel sadness for the processes I feel coming along soon to political scenes. I pray that the damage is as low as can be and that new, better times come as soon as possible. I wish, that changes bring along better things after a settling down.

We cannot afford to maintain fear for the evil or the ghosts. We need to get a new, open connection to God, Gods and unconditional, universal love to get through the next years. At least here up Northern Europe - but I unfortunately see same concern at many places.

A liberty from beliefs, fears, ego, spiritual expectations, spiritual desired results and trusting wrong spiritual opinion makers is a good freedom to go for. Your heart was given as a tool to recognize the good. There may be that at moments in a huge crowd, only a one little heart is the one in the right. We were perhaps taught to see that the crowd must be correct, because they are more than one.

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