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Dead Child Or Nature Spirit?


As I have stated in an earlier story, I can't see spirits, but feel them and communicate with them. This is my latest experience. I normally know who they are, but this time i'm not sure what kind of spirit I have encountered.

The background to all this is as follows: I work as a receptionist in a hotel. One of my colleague's son is six years-old and had been undergoing treatment for leukemia since he was two years-old. Twice a year, he has to go to Barcelona for a couple of weeks to receive special treatment and daily check-ups. The whole procedure had started again three weeks prior to the tragic events which were about to happen.

One morning, the doctors did the daily scans and x-rays, when they found a tumor in his head that hadn't been there the day before. They broke the news to his parents, who were both there that day, and told them what they had found. Upon the parent's question, if there was a still a chance and, if not, how much time he would have left, the doctors said:

"We can't tell that exactly, but maybe a month or two. We will know more after tomorrow's check-up."

So, next day's check-up came, and the doctors had to inform the parents that it wasn't a questions of months anymore, but only some mere hours. We got to know about this, when our colleague called our hotel.

The same night, after work, I went to meet some friends. We were sitting on their terrace, and all of a sudden I felt the familiar sensation of a spirit approaching my back. But this time it was different. Instead of looming on my back and shoulders, it so rapidly swirled in circles around my back that I could feel the air move, cheering, giggling and always saying: "I am free! I am free!" So I thought:"Well, that's it then." And then I immediately had second thoughts: "Or maybe an elemental spirit of the air-type"

The next day when coming to work, however, I learned that my collegue's son was still alive (although he passed on about ten hours later).

So I wonder if this was my colleague son's spirit, or actually a spirit of the air?

Thank you for your comments and for including my colleague's son in your prayers.

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sgravely (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-13)
I know you said you can't see spirits. I had a similar experience when my daughter was still an infant. I had her in her battery operated swing, electric was out due to a storm going through the area. I woke hearing the swing click click click, I told my son to leave her alone and go back to sleep. Again, click click click, I noticed he was holding the swing so it stopped moving causing the clicking. I also noticed he was wearing blue overalls and a red shirt. Again, I told him to go back to bed. And again, the clicking started. I was getting irritated when my now ex husband turned on a flashlight and asked me who I was talking to I told him our son kept coming in and stopping the swing. He told me there's no one there and our son was in bed. I called his bluff and went to show him that he was in fact awake. I was wrong. Our son was asleep in bed in the sleeper I put him in before bed. Nothing else happened that night. A few weeks after I told my mother in law about what happened she showed me an old picture of a little boy, our sons age, in a red shirt and blue overalls. I immediately knew this was the boy I saw. It was her brother who died as toddler. I guess he was just saying hi to his great neice.
I thought I was losing it the night of the clicking. My husband reassured me I was infact not crazy because he heard the swing stop too only he couldn't see anyone by the swing.

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