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Have No Fear With The Non-physical Spirits


Reading many stories here, I feel a common view to see diversity between people and spirits. Some spirits seem to naturally scare people, some feel overbearing, some hard to understand. Many try to comprehend what is a spirit and what is a passed-on someone or an astral figure.

All energy that comes to our awareness and connects with us, is a message of some sort. If we as psychics keep our feet on the ground and remember this with the experiences we come across with spirits or such, the experience becomes more clear. It sometimes requires creativity to understand the message delivered or the need spirits have to connect. The energy visitor can be in any form from human-like trolls to great, dark clouds with no recognizable form.

If your heart has love, love we draw to us. If our heart has hate, we are blocked. If our heart has distortion or some unbalanced connection with the spiritual, then we draw oddities towards us. Most psychics get individual messages, that fit their inner identity. And with many psychics, it can take years to learn to read messages coming from the other side, spirits and any form, that has one to bring.

The human is a physical being with spirituality attached into the body and the mind. Spirits have no body and no physical side to them. But something is shown to us in a form to connect and the spiritual world uses language it sees works. It can be light, form, sound, feeling, anything.

The spirits have no physical needs. Humans have that. In good and bad. That is the part we can and sometimes must fear in societies. This is why the spirits must never be feared. They do not have physical needs in any way.

The physical of the human is in my view a strength in our spirituality. Our physical being makes us unique spiritual beings.

We are a being, with whom the spirits want to connect.

I believe television has had a role in making many of us think, that the unusual is also fearful. Evil in people is a threat. Not the phenomenon's, that are new for the human mind and may come close strong, in a hard to comprehend- form. But only in energy form.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-19)
Sini42 you are a very good writer.
I was just thinking about this subject on the way
To work.
You put it perfectly!

I was thinking, sometime we can be so ingrossed
In focus when we are doing something, or so relaxed and a person calls our name, it startles us.
This also occures when a spirit speaks

Love/light ❤
tutt777 (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-18)
Beautiful -how beautiful to awaken to a morning, and find this so eloquently written. Thank you for your words, wow. Never truer words spoken/written. Blessings to you lovely one. 😁

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