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Question: How To Assist Dead To Cross Over?


Here I have shared some experiences, but would also like to hear your thoughts of how to help dead to cross over in peace. In my country, there is emotional abuse and sometimes lonely young end their lives. There young people touch my heart.

The spiritual world seems to be sending near me and introducing cases, in which young women have been abused or ended their own life self. My empathy and healing energy to them is strong already, but I would like to hear your suggestions to work better on this.

We all have some specific deed or to-do-list, that is given for us as healers and psychics. Some assist the dead to cross over, some the living etc. My job is to do two things. To change some living peoples life-course. They have so far been men, who have done wrong and needed to feel empathy for others. To open their eyes for compassion.

The other job I feel is recently been presented to me and that is to in spirit send protection to those, who have had in their life no love from parents. These cases have been so far lonely or misunderstood young women or children, who are not babies.

There has been two cases here during this week. In the other case, a young woman ended her life due to no love in family and the other, a eight year old girl was abused to death by parents, due to papers. For the little one, I see she was closer to her mom and the father or stepfather did not like the situation in spirit. This might have subconscious from his part. These cases sometimes happen, when the relationship is new and the child comes from previous partner. This escalated into violence and ended badly for the little one, I see. I feel her soul will be taken care of on the other side, but she is now in bardo, in-between state and feels alone before the adaptation to the other side is complete.

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KSSS1998 (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-20)
When people have come to me "lost" or trapped in this world, they think that I know what I'm doing just because they know that I have helped others before. But really, it's not about ME doing anything orther than praying for them and with them and assuring them that no matter what they did in life that God will always love them. The biggest thing I noticed so far (and I've helped five cross over) so I'm still pretty new at this, is that it's THEM that have to realize that they are loved by God and that they deserve peace in eternity. Once they realize that, then they can feel the way to cross over because they feel their family members calling to them and most of all they feel God calling them home.

I don't know if that helps with your situation, but that is what I've experienced.

Love and God's Blessings,
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-17)
As Santia stated, "Light workers", is one method.

What I normally do is hold a sacred place.
Ask question directly with the individual.
Put out my feelers:empathy, and decipher thoughts,
Emotions that are coming through, or info coming thru

With children its interesting, for their souls are much purer than adults. But they can feel confused,
Helpless, or caught in a web of physical/or emotinal and even mental abuse and are afraid.
When I say a Web they believe that this will go on and on with no way out. Their pain can be incredible!

If your are so lead to guide the childs soul to regression. One has to be very sensitive to ensure this is the proper path. As this life may be a path
Chosen to complete a previous life incarnation.
And the two are intertwined.

Another area to pull in if you sense a pet of the child, or Grandparent as this can be a conduit to appear before the child in the Column of light and help them cross over to the spirit world.

The healing is about helping the soul move into a place of higher vibrations.

It is said when we all die there is a light.

If you have enlisted healing and have not obtained
Results. Can you write what transpired for more feed-back.

Santia (9 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-16)
Light workers have been helping resolve the patterns of abuse by transmuting these energies. This means they revisit the experiences empathically, work to understand the greater lesson at a soul level, and then clear and release the experience. They do this to create a new foundation for all the past, present and future generations.

Check out the Empowerment Group Healing recording on
This audio contains transmuting energies on this very topic.

You can also help someone you feel called to by taking each experience you feel empathically, and asking your guides "What is the lesson they are learning from this experience?" Then when you understand the lesson, ask your guides to clear the experience. In this way karma and abuse is resolved and transmuted, one experience at a time. Each one clearing a new pathway for future generations so it does not need to be repeated.

Resolving experiences helps people cross over, because in effect you are helping complete their lessons/karma, and providing support for leaving this plane and 'graduating' to the next.

Blessings for the work you are doing 😊

Show_Me (guest)
12 years ago (2012-05-16)
Well if the spirit asks for help, you can help BUT it is only if you know how. If you do not, then tell them the truth that you do not know how and hope that the next person who sees them can.

You can pray and pray for them to cross over, but sometimes that is not the case if they did not cross over. I myself do not contact the spirits.

There is a level of sending and helping the dead to cross over. What if you do not know how and you tried it anyway and they did not cross over? What now? And on top of that you have a very and possibly angry dead person looking at you like you don't know what the heck you're doing.

If you know how that's good. My friend also told me to leave them alone. It's not good to call on the dead to help them. If they needed help the would come to you.
judorky (4 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-16)
My mentor always told me to never associate myself to the dead ir even talk to them. They could have hidden desires or something. But I think prayer (if religious) would do the trick of aiding them to cross over.

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