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A Past I Just Now Pieced Together


Ever since I remember I've been able to see things that no one else can see, to be more specific I could see entities of those not on our plane. I never really made contact with them until I was five or six, when a man dressed in black with hoofed feet came to play with me in my house, he looked exactly like another one of my spirit friends "Mr. Man" who wore the same attire, minus the hoofed feet, and just wanted me to help him move on. At my early age I banished the hoofed man out of my house. Later on that year I began hearing a doll talk to me, a weird doll that my dad had won for my mom at some old carnival, it was a nice doll always saying funny, and nice things asking me to do things until I said no, that was the day that the spirit showed its true self, I'll remember its words for the rest of my life. "I'm going to get you, I'm going to kill you" and when I tried running out of the room it would say "you can't run, you can't escape me" at that point I screamed my mother threw the doll into the front entry (which we don't use often), I wouldn't see it for another 2 years. Over that time I began to push my gifts lower and lower I slowly began to ignore the spirits around me. I enjoyed the next two years of not seeing or hearing those spirits then when cleaning out the front entry the doll fell from its hidden place all of its hair had fallen off and I heard the small voice say something I didn't comprehend it repeated itself louder "I'm back I told you you couldn't run." I remember screaming after I heard that, and my mom throwing the doll into the yard telling my father to get it away from the house, to burn it. That was the moment when I started seeing, feeling, hearing and understanding the spirits around me, I began to see old faces and new ones. I never quite found that I was all that different then when I got into middle school I began recognizing (note how I didn't say seeing) malevolent spirits I kept quiet my mother didn't want to accept me for what I was. We had been going to a (as I used to call it) "healer prayer lady" who was trying to help my family who was dealing with my father's alcoholic addiction, with his violent temper. That woman could sense people with gifts then at the age of 13 I began working at her store. I began seeing spirits more clearly, and being able to help the stuck spirits.

I soon began meeting new people who wanted to help me, we unknowingly gathered a group of psychics and mediums, and we soon discovered table tipping, where I would say the messages before the table would say, it was through things like this that I learned through several people that I was what they called an indigo child and after explaining that everything fit together, and I began trying to develop my gifts more. I began developing relationships with Jennifer and Cornelius the two human spirits haunting the property I live on, however the more I developed the more things in my life seemed to take a turn for the worst, I began seeing grotesque creatures with red eyes in mirrors, I saw the parasite following my twin best friends, and just when I thought it couldn't get any worse I began hearing "the voice" it was the hoofed man from all those years ago soon I began seeing him, once I began to see him I knew. This was not an ordinary demon, I was dealing with the foulest evilest demonic being known to man, Satan; the devil. I couldn't go anywhere, as I thought about it I had played with the devil when I was younger, danced with the devil, I was shocked but just to be sure I went to one of the most accurate people I knew when it came to these things, when she went into her trance she almost threw up telling me things that only I would know since only I had heard it. It was true, I can't go anywhere anymore without being watched. He won't enter my house because at such an early age I banished him from it, and he wants to destroy me. He is trying to get me alone again. And he reportedly wants me. I can feel him watching me as I write this from the window and I can feel his evil radiating from his eyes to my body. He hasn't left me alone yet, and he isn't planning on it either.

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God_Loves_Me (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-12-28)
The devil is always after God's children. It does seem very scary what you are going through. I recommend going to church and keeping holy water on hand. The fight for your soul started when you were little. That is why you banished him from an early age. That was the Lord protecting you. Don't let him scare you because only God has the power to take your life not the devil. My father told me that as a child to help me sleep. God will only take you when your time comes. Believe and trust in God that is the only way to fight Satan. Trust me I've been fighting him whole life. Contact me if you need someone to talked to. God bless- Sandra

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