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I've Seen The Same Numbers, All Over The Place


I actually have seen some people as well, seeing some numbers repeating in their life that have no connection, well, at least look like so, in my case though, I have seen the number "169", not a very common number, and that's something interestingly personal to me, because 6 was always my "Bad luck" number, and 9 my "good luck", also 1 that for me is the age that I have my only toddler memory, nothing important but the fact of remembering it. So, I actually searched a lot about 1 and 6 and 9, and the number 169 itself, but what made me write that story is not the fact of the numbers repeating themselves, is that I made 2 sessions of tarot cards online, in two different websites, and they matched, now you ask, "What does it have to do with the numbers?" well, everything, because the cards were: "The fool", "The magician", and "Temperance" (I'll leave the cards description in the bottom of the story). Now, these cards pretty much represent together what 169 represent together as well, in order even, altogether they say about some kind of awakening or beginning and then some sort of good luck on something that benefits you (me in case) and at last something that will need my balance in spiritual and physical states so I can pass through it well. At least, that's what I think, if someone has some idea of what it might actually be, please tell me, I will be grateful to hear of other more experienced people.


Past: The Fool

Divinatory Meaning: The young man, with his carefree posture, symbolizes youth and innocence. He aims to be pure as shown by the pale rose he holds but is still inexperienced and a bit irrational because he stands so near the cliff. His face is turned upwards seeking dreams and adventure. His bag is light and so is his soul. This card can mean a new beginning or a spiritual awakening. What might seem foolhardy to others is a karmic lesson needing to be had. Positive associations with this card are freedom, new beginnings, adventure, a positive outlook and innocents. Some negative associations are irresponsibility, inexperience, and immaturity.

Present: The Magician

The Magician Divinatory Meaning: This serene looking man with a double nimbus over his head is a person of deep esoteric knowledge who has the ability to take his magical powers and use them as he wishes. Note the Minor Arcana objects laying at his disposal on the table: The cup, sword, staff and pentacle. This card is about intelligence and creativity. The ability to see beyond the physical or ordinary. Positive associations with this card are magic, insight, spiritual evolution, and self-recognition. Negative associations would include a person who uses their special gifts for self-serving reasons, trickery, perusing risky endeavors that only gratify the ego.

Future: Temperance

Temperance Divinatory Meaning: The positive aspects of this card represents moderation, self-control, harmony with self and others, and compromise. It can relate to the positive physical condition of the body depicting health and the path to healing and recovery. This card represents a person that can take something out of balance, like a relationship, and bring it into accord or the ability to take two opposites and meld them in harmonious fashion. This is depicted in the card where one fluid (historically wine) is poured into another goblet (water) and the two merge. Positive results from chaotic factors are to be had if this card is present. The negative aspect of this card is imbalance, impatience, domestic problems, lack of foresight and quarrels. This card warns of jumping to hasty decisions due to lack of patience and suggests that a time-out be taken for a full account of what should be done.

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cayce17 (8 stories) (192 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-11)
NullN1ght, I may know what you are, because I too have seen a recurring number sequence and I found out what it meant after I woke up one day with that number all over every blank sheet of paper I could find. Here's my e-mail, I check it practically every day and would like to keep in touch with you to find out more of what you are and what you can do: rainashea16 [at]

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