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Am I Just Over Thinking?


For a while now I've just been having weird mini things happen to me. Before I start why I'm not to sure is because my nana has bipolar and dad may have schizophrenia (I've never met him or know anything about him) but my mum said he has something like it from smoking weed.

I've always felt different and never known what. I stupidly started smoking weed and it opened up my mind more, as I would think differently of things and sorter felt more connect and more interested to paranormal things then what I was.

Anyway I few things have happened to me while I was only a tad stoned like (don't judge me, weed made things less boring and when I was stoned I would try and entertain my self with very silly things) So once I was up until 7am I couldn't sleep and I watched a shadow turn into a man figure. I hadn't smoked weed in a few hours but I just brushed it off and said I'm just tired and stoned. Another day I was walking through my sun room and see a mask that we had but I had never seen it in the sun room. So I make a joke in my head and said "the ghosts put it there" (My sister and I always thought my house was haunted from a video we had but just joked about it). So then I carry on into the kitchen and open the fridge and hear a weird noise coming from it so I said in my head "is that the best you can do" I was very bored and trying to amuse my self. So after that I'm doing something around the sink and I look at the window and the reflection is the laundry. Then I see someone walk past in there like a shadow. I got so scared. Another time was when me and mum were just home and we were talking about all of this and saying what if I am and what if there is a ghost, then next this very very loud noise was coming from the laundry that we had never heard before. My mum also told me that day that when I was younger and going to crash and school, with out knowing the weather I would just say something like "I need my jacket it will be cold" "I don't need pants it's going to be hot" and it would always end up being right but I just though maybe my teacher or something was telling me but I honestly can't remember. Also I was once going to the toilet and I legit felt something walk past me and I can't explain the feeling that I got. I've also been having a lot of lucid dreams lately and the last time I did they were very paranormal and scary. When I woke up I heard intense buzzing sounds but I thought it was nothing because I get it nearly every time I'm in bed but this time I heard someone talking and I started listening more and then I heard "f#ck you" probably nothing but just weird and when it happened I had this weird feeling all over my body again.

I have been reading a lot of stuff on google and some of the stuff were how to tell if I am, I could relate to some but it's just very hard because of my families back ground. I also have stopped smoking weed and I have anxiety. Sorry if this is nothing but I've just been always interested and wondering if I'm just over thinking? I would love to hear what people think and how I could tell if I am or not!:)

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angelo (3 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-15)
I've talked to all my friends about it and none of them have ever experienced it so I don't get why I am? Also how do I make it bigger or better, not sure how to explain it. Like as in experience it more. I'll check the website out and thank you
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-02-14)
Basically you're experiencing what is normal to the human condition. We are all spirit inhabiting a physical shell and because we are spirit, we can sometimes know things in advance, see shadows of non-earth beings, open ourselves up to psychic phenomenon and so on. The only thing "weird" is that many people have convinced themselves none of this is real and then go into shock when they discover that it is.

You're fine, normal and open minded. And the vibrations, those are quintessential astral projection related symptoms. You can search "vibrations" on my sister site,

Thanks for sharing,

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