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I'm 16 years old. I have very bad social anxiety. I've always been interested in stuff like this website. Tiny things have happened to me and when something little happens I guess before it I can be right or, when I find out something I would be angry upset or feel something but, sometimes I don't feel anything and it ends up changing back to normal and nothing ends up happening in the situation. I want to open up my mind and become more spiritual but its very hard with my anxiety because I can over think things.

Was wondering for help and what I could do.

Ive seen a black shadow turn into a person and walk off. I have seen a black shadow walk behind me in a window. I can feel as someone is watching me sometimes in my house (2 friends age 13 and around 50) have seen a little blonde boy in my house. When I was younger I could guess the weather with out getting told. Can physic abilities come to you or are already there? Or you can change it and become physic. Please don't judge I'm clue less. Read my other posts. I know everyone is a tad physic if that makes sense but I don't feel like everyone.

If so what could I do? How could I become physic? Am just over thinking? Am I physic and not knowing? If I am how can make it so I can tell

I would love to hear everyone experiences and here feed back and being honest

My dads sister was some what spiritual. I don't know him though. I think my nana is a little but, doesn't say anything not sure why.

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