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Am I Psychic Or Just Silly?


I was wondering if people could comment on what happens when your 16 and are a tad psychic? Please don't judge I'm just confused and over think things sometimes or not, that's why I need help:)

I'm very good at guessing when someone or thing isn't going to be good or something bad is going to happen. But I never thought about this so I always just went with what my friends were doing but I usually ended up being right.

I always have feelings someone is watching me.

I have lucid dreams.

Seen shadows and felt something weird all through my body like someone had walked past me.

I always get deja vu

I also get anxiety a lot and tend to feel weird nearly all of the time, like I'm high or something.

I get gut feelings a lot but sometimes don't go by them because I go with other people and what they would rather do

Just little things every now and again and I don't know if I'm just over thinking. I know everyone "has it" but I'm wondering if I could have it more then people and if so how could I use it and make is more then what it is.

How could I tell I am? I want to go see a psychic but she's so expensive and I can't effort it! It would help if someone could help me but I would rather If I could see or chat to someone experienced so they could just tell me if I'm being silly and get on with my life

Sorry I'm only just wondering and there is something wrong with me so I guess it would sorter be better if it was this and nothing else. Sorry it probably doesn't make any sense I'm new to everything and just so curious!

Thank you in advanced, I hope you can understand...

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Rose_Blackwood (1 stories) (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-05)
You sound like a psychic to me or at least this is how I am to...

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