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My great-grandmother was a psychic (for real), somehow it's kind of passed down the generations, but on my end it's very "watered down". I only get these feelings in my dreams... A good example:

A lot of the times I'll dream about silly things, like conversations or events that haven't happened yet. Many years ago when I was a teenager, my family and I were living in FL at the time. I had a dream that my mother and I were driving down this one particular road near us and she told me that my father had gotten orders to move. It was very detailed, I even remembered which particular outfits both of us were wearing and how the conversation started.

About 2 weeks after this dream, we were driving down that road, when the conversation started exactly as it did in my dream, I realized we were both wearing the same outfits as in the dream... So I knew what she was going to say next. After she told me, I said, "I know, you told me 2 weeks ago", she promptly replied, "He got his orders 2 days ago there's no way you knew 2 weeks ago".

I get lots of things like that. I've also been dreaming of this man for about 4 or 5 years. I've never met him before, but I could paint a detailed portrait of him (which I've wanted to do for a while, but I'm kind of afraid if I bring him into the real world and he does/doesn't really exist, it will cause me to stop dreaming of him). I'm 99% sure I've never seen him in real life because I think I would remember someone as attractive and distinctive as he is (and probably would've made a spectacle running into a pole or something). It could be one of those astral projections and he just happens to be in there. I only know that he usually has some piece of advice or something important to say and I only see him when I'm in the deepest of sleeps.

What I'm really curious about is if 1. He's a real person 2. If he communicates with me on his side in his dreams in the same manner that I communicate with him in mine. Any thoughts?

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doodads45 (guest)
16 years ago (2008-06-15)
Ive tried that, it has worked, but I think she likes to keep herself to herself.

i still haven't found out who 'she' is though, when I mention her, she seems to, blank me out, like she has something to hide.

thanks for the advice though

AirNymphSS (2 stories) (6 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-03)
Hmm... Well you have to find out who "she" is. What you can do is introduce yourself, try to make connections, like you would meeting someone in real life for the first time. Try a compliment maybe? "That's a very nice ______ you have" and go from there. Try to get her to say something else. It might take a while.

When I first saw this man in my dreams, he wouldn't even talk to me. He just sort of stood there, looked at me, and smiled and sometimes would make noises or shake his head at me... Now you can't really get him to be quiet! 😆
doodads45 (guest)
16 years ago (2008-05-31)
Hey, AirNymphSS, A similar thing has been happenenig to me

But she doesn't give anything away

all she keeps saying is-shes coming shes coming, over and over, do you have any idea of what I should do?
AirNymphSS (2 stories) (6 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-30)
Maybe so... I took your advice and started reading up on spirit guides:) I guess sometimes you've had a previous relationship with them at some point. It also said sometimes they can interact with you in the real world. That got me thinking to when he really started appearing a lot in my dreams... It was shortly after a potential drunk driving incident. I remember driving home, having more than I should've had, and feeling my eyelids close and head nod down to pass out. The last thing I remember before I passed out was the street light I stopped for a red light which was ~2.5 miles away from my house... The next morning I woke up in my PJs in my bed, completely unharmed. I went outside to check my car: intact, no new scratches. And the mailbox (which I almost always clip while sober): undisturbed.

I considered myself extremely lucky and don't drive drunk anymore. Since then (about 4 or 5 years ago) he's really appeared a lot more... I even know his full name and profession. I've tried to look it up in phonebooks and public records all over the internet with no success yet.
pegs_deborah (3 stories) (112 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-26)
You said that he usually has something important to say or advice to give. Have you ever thought he could be a spirit guide? My understanding is that our spirit guides are there to help us when we need it and guide us. Guides are often hard to see in the waking world but I know plenty of people see and converse with them in dreams. Perhaps you should check out some literature on spirit guides and see if that helps.

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